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Cintiq 27qhd review

Here is my quick review on one of my latest gadgets that I have bought.. the cintiq 27qhd and why I decided to buy it over other graphic tablets!

There are plenty of tablets available for graphic designers in all different specs and sizes! But I chose to buy the cintiq 27 qhd because it is meant to be the bets model from the best drawing tablet company waccom!
I also decided to spend a little bit more money for the 27qhd because it was BIG and because it was so big it would allow me to draw with my full arm instead of just my wrist which is often the case with small 12 inch tablets. I also chose not to buy the slightly cheaper cinitq 22hd because that particular cintiq model is a few years old but still remains kind of expensive at around £1400.. so I would have been pretty stupid to go and buy an older model which will probably be updated soon anyway rather than paying £100 more for a bigger and better model.

And I am glad I did. The cintiq 27qhd is a monster of a tablet… it comes with a hdmi cable for clear a clear and vivid image.. the drawing experience is fantastic.. even though you are drawing on tempered glass it does not feel slippy or anything like that. The pen sensitivity also is very accurate and you can really shade just as good as with pencil and paper!
There is a slight parallax effect however if you sit with the tablet straight in front of you at a good angle this gap is not really a problem as you will not really notice it. The glass screen of the tablet is a few millimeters thick to help protect the screen.. the glass is tempered so it is very sturdy and will not crack easily.. however it will scratch if you if a material harder than the glass is swiped across it. To protect my screen from scratches I ended up buying a matte screen protector from a place called photodon… after looking at a couple of reviews that said that these screen protectors are the best as they do not really affect the clarity or performance of your tablet that much compared to other screen protectors. Applying the screen protector will take around 30 minutes and I would suggest you go for the anti glare screen protectors as those have a texture applied to them so they making drawing on your tablet feel a bit more like you are drawing on paper.

Something that is very good with the cintiq is the fact that it doesn’t come with a proper stand and so you are forced to use it positioned at a funny angle… which can cause you to hunch and if you are using it for a long time this can really damage your back! You can buy a stand for the cintiq 27qhd which will allow you to position it just about in any way however these stands are not cheap and will set you back £300!

You maybe wondering how much I paid for my cintiq… well the regular retail price for the cintiq 27qhd hovers around £1,699 but I only paid £1525 for mine… because I was lucky enough to  grab myself a blackfriday deal and buy the Cintiq for only £1525 from amazon (I hate amazon and what amazon stands for but nobody was selling the cinitq anywhere near the price amazon was at the time)! This was an amazing and probably a one off deal because amazon has since bumped the price way up again for this tablet.

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