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The mark of the beast is coming!

“He causes all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hand or on their foreheads, and that no one may buy or sell except one who has the mark or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.” Revelation 13:16-17

Satan is the great deceiver and he will come here to earth to try to fool us all into thinking that he is god. He wants us to turn our back on god and to see him instead.
The questions now is are the cogs already turning in preparation for Satan to walk the earth? His plan is for us all to turn away from the real god and to adopt his ways and his corruption and it will be so much easier for him to do this if he comes to the world where the people have already rejected the bible.

The beast probably hasn’t come to earth yet however through these big technology companies that are being driven by their unrelenting greed it easy to see how the devil can use this to his advantage and make his mark of the beast a reality.

Amazon and google are prime examples of this through their aggressive expansions into just about anything and everything they can just to quench their apatite for money because having a couple billion dollars in the bank isnt enough for them.  The owners of these big tech companies just care about money that is all they care about  and it is this that the devil will exploit to get to us all!


At the moment we still have a bit of control on where we buy stuff and can still sell stuff online however our freedoms to do so are quickly being eroded away by these tech companies as they grow larger and larger and dominate more and more sectors online an offline. It is not too far fetched to imagine a world not far from now whereby one company manufactures, sells and delivers everything.

Googles search engine market shares is cemented at around 80% in parts of Europe this gives them autocratic power on what people see and dont see online.

Googles dominance on internet search has meant that google has the power to decide what businesses do well and what business can sink online. Through algorithmic and manual penalties google will destroy any business it considers against the “Google guidelines”. However there is a lot more to it than that. Google has a team of googlers who go around looking at websites online and if they do not like that website they put a manual action on that website so that site never sees the light of day again. these google manual reviewers will deindex a site not because the site is spam or anything like that but based on censoring the internet on things that google doesn’t agree on. Google however will have a tough job doing this for the whole internet but you will be glad to know that they have this covered as well. In a recent scientific paper google has released it details on how google plans to create an algorithm to demote sites that are not truthful.. in other words it counts the facts or what google considers facts on a webpage and if it google does not like what that webpage has to say it will demote it in the search results.

Googles dominance and vile penalties on other people websites in its search results has forced people to either go out of business or to move to other places to sell, such as amazon but Amazon is no better than selling on Google though. If you start selling an item well on amazon… amazon will quickly find out and start seling the same item for cheaper and will push you down on the listings at the same time.
Amazons business model centers around expansion rather than profit this means that amazon would rather dominate in a niche and make zero profit than let others make any money at all.

The mark of the beast is coming!

Googles greed has lead them to start developing tech to further monopolize the world and to get closer to their end goal. For example driverless cars and google glass.

Google glass is a piece of wearable eye tech that you put on a pair of glasses and overlays a computer screen over your eyeball… to me this is very close to being the mark of the beast as it is distorting reality and showing a world not how it is but what the beast wants you to see instead.

If google and other big companies had it their way the only thing you will need to buy stuff or do anything with will be through their gadgets.  Google and apple are also developing these gadgets with their own payments systems too such as google wallet to go with this wearable tech to cement the notion that all you need in life is your google glass to buy things and to communicate with people.
It is quite clear to see that if they are able to get the same sort of monopoly with these payment systems as they do in their of products and then implement this into there wearable tech where you are only able to buy things using this tech then that is the mark of the beast.. it is just a question of what tech companies gets there first and my bet is on google.

Google glass may not be the mark of the beast but it is helping pave the way for it.

Google are Satanists!

There is no doubt in my mind that google is are satanists for example the postcode address used by google to send its millions in profits to in order to lower its tax bill was 666 in Bermuda. Google is fueled by greed and resembles more of a cult that a mere business with its own google ideologies of what google thinks the world should be like and a aggressive contempt for any business or person outside their own beliefs. Larry page says that when he dies he would rather that all his money goes to another capitalist to further the aims of capitalism than to give his money to charity. Another example of the disgusting nature of googlers is from Matt Cutts the head of the google spam team who go around destroying other peoples websites online… he says that he wants to break peoples spirits<<<just like the devil wants to do? If that wasnt enough Googlers often  revel in destroying peoples businesses by tweeting and mocking small website owners they have destroyed online as though they get some sort of sadistic pleasure out of it.
Google hates democracy.
Google isn’t for democracy or what the people wants in the US it is among the biggest lobbyists around.. paying the government millions for influence and it pays off not just in the us but in loads of different countries Google executives have managed to infiltrate into governments across the world as “tech advisers” to make sure what google wants google gets.
Google then uses its influence in government to get deals such as paying less cooperation tax in the UK. Google managed to secure a special deal with George Osbourne to pay only 3% cooperation tax in the uk rather than the usual 20% on their billions of pounds worth of profits over the course of ten years saving them billions.

Everything google ever does is to help cement its monopoly in some way.. for example googles elaborate plan to beam the internet down with balloons on the poorest parts of the world is just a way to exploit the poor and to make sure nobody misses the mark of the beast.

It is evident in society today that people simply are sheep and will do what is trendy and what they are told to do else they will be cast out and will not do well in life… and it is because of the media.. the big monopolies and our political correct politicians that is doing this to us.All of this mindless an pointless tech is designed to distract us and to eroded away our souls and persnalitly so we become passive and mindless zombies just in time the beast to come and finish the job.

It is becoming more and more obvious to me that products being made by big tech companies particularly google are steering closer and closer to becoming the mark of the beast. If you combine the aggressive and greedy practices of mega cooperation’s such as google with the technology that they are creating you can see how the mark of the beast could arise.

UPDATE: GOOGLE To kill off freedom of speech and sites that speak the truth.
Google is now penalizing sites that criticize Islam. In a leaked google guideline document which is given to their team of human reviewers, Google is now telling its teams of manual reviewers to look out for and flag websites that are critical of Islam and other sites that google doesn’t like. Google will then use these sample sites that its manual reviewers have flagged to feed into their machine learning AI system in order to mass censor sites that do not conform to Googles thinking.

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