Does seo work or is it just a waste of time?

In my opinion if you are wanting to reach the top of google these days you are going to have to have a huge website to do so and even then it is pretty much the luck of the draw to get to the top spot and if you don’t have a huge website my advice to you would be to save yourself the stress and give up now!

If I was going to sum up SEO in a sentence or two I would say that SEO is like a game of cards and as a webmaster you are playing the game with google via a webcam but google has all the cards and if the game isn’t going googles way it will just alter the results and there is nothing you can do about it unless you just turn the computer off and just walkaway.

I will not insult your intelligence by telling just how important being able to be found via internet search but what I will tell you is that Googles dominance on internet search is just stupid. Google holds around 80% of the world wide search engine market share… so it really is google way or the highway and google reall does nt play fair at all!
In recent years google has been cracking down on apparent spammers in their search results using algorithms such as penguin and panda alongside manual actions to penalize sites… but the truth is google isnt really targeting small businesses at all with there fight against spammers google is actually just after one thing and that is to push people into adwords.

A staggering number of legitimate websites have been caught in the crossfire via googles efforts to improve its search quality… but the fact that googles search quality has not improved and has been instead filled with pointless irrelevant pages from big websites proves this and proves that googles int about improving its search quality but is trying to just push everyone into using adwords to rank sites on google!

Even if you manage to avoid google penalties whats to say you will rank anyway. Google has made it near impossible to rank a site because google says that if you break its guidelines such as building links to your site then you will be penalized.. the fact of the matter is that you need links to rank on google but how are you going to get these links if your site is just starting out and you do not have enough links to even rank on page 10 for a search on google meaning that people are then unable to find and like your content and link to you in the first place?

By making more and more difficult for websites to get traffic via googles normal search results it forces them to instead buy adwords!
Google adwords is a huge scam you can pay in literally hundreds of pounds and not see a single sale. This is because someone is manipulating the traffic sent from adwords and instead of you getting quality traffic from adwords you are instead getting zombie traffic. A thread on webmasterworld describes this phenomenon and it has hundreds of posts from a countless number of webmasters complaining about how their adwords traffic sticks!

There is still hope. You do not have to rely on evil Google as you can simply say NO HOLD ON A MINUTE I DONT WANT TO DO THINGS GOOGLES WAY ANYMORE! The fact is as much as google would love to be the only source of information and way to discover new websites on the internet it isn’t and you can still get traffic to your website via other ways that can actually be a lot easier and can be a lot funner than mindless link building or monitoring your rankings in googles mundane webmaster tools.

Here are three very quick and simple ways from the top my head that you can try… they do not rely on google at all and there are tons more out there just ready to be exploited!

You can try using social media to advertise your website….. google hates social media especially since they failed with their crappy google+ which is only used by weirdo google employees. Social networking is can actually give you  alot more stable traffic than google does as you are in a lot more control and you do not have to worry about waking up one day and finding that all your hard work has disappeared because some googler rat decided to nuke your website.

If your site is a eCommerce website why not set up an email newsletter for your customers offering them vouchers and other goodies? After all these people have bought for you once whats to say giving them some cool vouchers to entice them to come back and buy again wont work?!

Did you know that there is a world that isn’t the internet? It is called the real world and you can actually go out side and hand out leaflets and flyers to people advertising your cool new websites.. and I have found that this actually converts really well especially if you make people laugh and have something really cool and unique to offer people.

See google isn’t the only way of getting traffic… there are a lot of better, cheaper and all round more interactive ways to get internet customers!

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  1. I actually find that I ONLY get customers on my eccoremce site from links to my site nowadays. Google is just a scam and with adwords they hike up the prices so much and just send you bot traffic that doesn’t even convert. I once spent £1000 in ads on google and only got 10 customers meaning I lost £900!!!

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