Why you shouldn’t buy computers from places like amazon or ebuyer

If you are wanting a good fast and cheap computer that will play the latest computer games AVOID buying pre built computers from places such as Amazon or ebuyer as you will well and truly be ripped off and here is why:

If you are thinking about buying a gaming pc from amazon then DONT because amazon takes overcharging to new extremes!
For example there are various gaming pcs on amazon that are waaaaaaaaay overpriced. Such as this Cyberpower Gaming Sniper 600 gaming pc that costs on amazon £685.


This gaming pc is powered with a Nvidia GTX 960 that costs around £160 (remember that Nvidia is planning on releasing a brand new spanking Pascal graphics card sometime in June making this graphics card redundant). it also has a Intel Core Skylake Processor i5-6500/3.2 GHz which costs around £150. There is much else to this desktop really except from those 2 things.. yes you will be able to play the latest games on high settings however you will be able to build your own faster computer for a lot less money as all in all with all the other bits and pieces added on this desktop it will cost around £250 (being generous) to make… meaning someone is making a lot of money.


Ebuyer is selling a HP Prodesk 400 g2.5 sff Desktop
for £359 with an alluring £40 discount.. however even if ebuyer was to knock off an extra £100.. you will be still buying a cheap rubbish computer that will not be able to play ANY of the latest games.  This is because this desktop is just packed full of cheap rubbish parts…

Basically all this computer is just a  Intel® Core™ i5-4590S Processor (6M Cache, up to 3.70 GHz) which costs around £150 and includes the integrated Intel HD Graphics 4600 and to say that ebuyer is wanting you to pay  £359 for this hunk of junk is ridiculous. It does come with 1tb of hard drive space.. however you you can easily buy portable hard drives for 1tb anyway. So I fail to see why this desktop is so expensive because it sure as hell isn’t that expensive to make.

If you are thinking about buying this to play games then just forget it as the Intel HD Graphics 4600 (released in 2013) is pretty pathetic excuse for a graphics card and will struggle to even start up any new games that have been released within the last 5 years! What is more this graphics card is cpu based meaning that whilst you run the game it will also slow down your entire computer as well.

Here is a chart to prove just how badly this graphics card sucks compared to all the others:


An even bigger scam from ebuyer would be the Zoostorm SFF Desktop PC which ebuyer is charging £419.99 for! This computer like the HP Prodesk 400 doesn’t really offer anything else but an expensive processor in this case the Intel Processor Core Skylake with an integrated graphics card which only costs around £150 to buy.  Although you maybe please to know that unlike the HP Prodesk 400 you actually get a very cheap and naff keyboard and mouse when you buy this desktop!


Even if you are not gamer and just want to browse the internet or do office work I really would not advise you to buy one from ebuyer as it it has been my experience after buying a lenovo thinkcenter from ebuyer that these desktops are not reliable at all all and are just overpriced garbage that even struggle to browse the internet on firefox if too many tabs are open (too many being more than 20).

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Written by Gorrila

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