Lenovo computers are rubbish!

If you are thinking about getting a new computer then for the sake of your own sanity I suggest you avoid Lenovo computers at all costs! I bought a new Lenovo computer a few months ago and I really wish I hadn’t!

I decided to buy a new computer because my old one was getting on a bit and was showing its age, it was an 8 year old acer desktop that was filled to the brim with junk and even though I could just have done a system restore to wipe all the junk and speed things up I reckoned that I ought to just go ahead and buy myself a new faster computer. After looking online I managed to find a deal on ebuyer for a cheap lenovo desktop… that was on sale for ¬£220 and stupidly I decided to buy it just based on that without even looking at the specs. DOH!

I have now been using this new computer for a few months and can quite honestly say that my 8YEAR OLD one performed miles better than this piece of junk. From the moment I turned it on I just knew it was slow because it was lagging straight away… the CPU was at 100%! Honestly what sort of junk starts to glitch and and lag as soon as you turn it on? After a week I started to get more serious problems with the computer such as the blue screen of death that kept on appearing over and over again for no reason. To combat these blue screen of death you have to do a total system restore.. (in the couple months that I have had this computer I have probably done at least 5 total system restores to stop these blue screens of death from happening).

I then decided enough was enough and got in touch with ebuyer customer service to see if I could get a refund… and because ebuyer are just scammers they refused to take my word for it that the computer was not fit for purpose and said that the only way I could get a refund would be if I got in touch with lenovo support and got them to confirm that there was indeed a fault with my computer. Guess what? I got in touch with their support and the support guys must have some mystical powers or something because they were able to tell me over the phone without even checking out my computer that it did not have a fault. Wow! This meant that I was stuck with the hunk of junk and I have been going insane with frustration at using this terrible computer ever since.

Lenovo just packs it computer full of junk and cheap parts… My old 8 year computer could play games much better than this “new” lenovo computer because in my old computer¬† It had a nvidia graphics card. Whilst this lenovo one has an intel hd graphics card that struggles with the fire effect in empire earth a game that is at least 12 years old!

Not only does Lenovo make rubbish computers they also have the cheek add loads of bloat/adware such as snapfish to your computer so that that they can exploit you and make more money out of you. Snapfish along with other viruses they put on on your computer injects and display dodgy ads onto webpages and search results you visit… more often than not the ads snapfish display are quite dodgy and will either give a virus or are phishing scams.

So it is safe to stay then that if you are wanting a fast, reliable and a all round decent computer that aint going to send you round the bend then avoid Lenovo at all costs.

If you have been scammed comment below to share your story. Also share this post as much as you can, this will help to boost this post higher up in the search engine..lets see if we can get this post to rank for Lenovo that will show em!

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Written by Gorrila

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  1. Yes this review is spot on! I have recently bought a brand new lenovo desktop and it is fucking appallingly slow.. plus they put some much adware and bloatware on the computer which is so impossible to uninstall it just drives you nuts! NEVER EVER BUY A LENOVO COMPUTER EVER!

  2. Too right does Lenovo suck badly! Every time I right click something now on my “new” computer it freezes everything and windows explorer stop responding and I have to restart..Also my computer with very little even running (basically Firefox with a 10 tabs open at most) is always at 100% cpu!!!!!!! Even computers made 10 years ago were nowhere near as bad as this pile of junk! f u Lenovo

    Nowadays its so hard to find any real reviews like the one above because big companies have some much money nowadays they just fill the internet full of fake positive reviews pushing down all the negative stuff so when your deciding upon what computer to buy you have no idea how crappy it is going to be

  3. Thanks I was just about to buy a new computer and was looking at some new lenovo ones.. I think after reading this then I will give them a wide birth!

  4. I have a Lenova touch screen which has suddenly become a door stop. Two years old, hardly ever used as I have other computers a lot older but more reliable. Suddenly the black screen of death. I cannot boot my computer. Useless rubbishy, I will never buy another Lenova computer

  5. Further to my message of 7 days ago. I now have retract some of my statement. While resolved to the fact I would probably have to ditch my Lenova computer. I decided to try every key on boot up. I pressed and held down f2, rebooted, low and behold my computer came forth with a screen asking me if I wanted a clean install. I clicked yes, re- installed and now my computer is working as well as before. For the life of me I do not know why Lenova does not seem to have this f2 instruction when asked online how to fix a black screen.

    • I am really glad that you managed to get your computer sorted as getting a refund from lenovo is like drawing blood from a stone (there are hundreds of negative reviews on trustpilot of people complaing about their support fobbing them off)! When I started getting blue screens of death on start up with my computer I must have had to restart it at least 12 times to find the right key which was highly irritating! Are you happy with the speed of your lenovo? As even when restarting mine with no programs installed and hardly any files my computer lags just browsing the internet and take a long time to just start up and switch off.

  6. I wish I read this review before buying my new Lenovo desktop. It absolutely sucks, hardly any program installed or memory used and it lags as though it is super old and full of junk. The Lenovo support centre (bloat spyware) that randomly popups from time to time to “scan” my computer causes my whole computer to go into meltdown and forcing me into having to reboot it. Lesson learnt, I will never ever buy a Lenovo scam computer again!

  7. My new lenovo is so shiiiiite! I have just wasted £600 on something that cannot even play games that are 6 years old. What is more lenovo support staff are very rude and point blank deny all refund requests.

  8. I just bought a new lenovo computer and it is quite possibly the worst computer I have ever owned ever! It is even worse then the really old 2009 computer I had before wich was really outdated and slow… but lenovo just takes the biscuit. Also their customer support was really rude to me and do not allow refunds even if your computer stinks and not fit for purpose (which is actually illegal under the consumers act).

  9. This is the first honest review I have found about Lenovo all over reviews that I have read from sites such as pcmag and laptop mag couldnt recommend Lenovo enough just to get people to buy via their affiliate spam links… but on the same review articles if you just scroll down to the bottom of the page to the comments section there are literally thousands and thousands of people commenting about how bad lenovo is. Thanks for your honest review I will make sure to avoid buying a lenovo computer for sure now.

  10. In my opinion Lenovo products are made by monkeys in a factory somewhere using the worst cheapest parts possible to increase profits. These computers are slower than ones 10 year ago and that is no exaggeration! Furthermore their whole support system sucks and they just try to fob you off on the phone. If you are thinking of buying a new computer/laptop/tablet.. anything then please please do not any Lenovo products else you will live to regret it as all you will get is stress, stress and more stress.

  11. awful awful awful ive had loads of pc over the years sony acer but this is in a class of its onw in rubbishness soooo slow unbelieveable

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