Hilary Clinton has Pneumonia!


After a sudden departure from a 9/11 memorial service and her stumbling
into a car it has been revealed that Hilary Clinton is suffering from

I actually do feel sorry for her as no one deserves to get Pneumonia, thankfully Dr.Lisa R. Bardack who is treating Hilary Clinton has said that she is suffering from Pneumonia but she is recovering “nicely”

This comes after growing concern about Hilary Clinton’s health and over weird stuff like Hilary Clinton spitting green stuff into her drink during a speech and eating it!



Despite suffering from Pneumonia Hilary Clinton still managed to find the
strength to insult 50% of Donald Trump supporters by branding them as
“deplorables”. Hilary Clinton later had to say sorry for saying
this.. but nonetheless even if you do not like Donald trump her
comments directly aimed at those who aren’t voting for her shows us
her disdain towards democracy and all that oppose her and her views
(or those who are not paying her).

Now the only question remains.. is she going to drop out and disappoint all the big businesses that have paid her all that money or will she soldier on?!

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Written by Gorrila

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