You gotta be kidding me! ADBLOCK PLUS IS NOT GOING TO BLOCK ADS BUT INSTEAD REPLACE THEM WITH ITS OWN! I think its time for a boycott!

Adblock plus has over 20 million users on firefox and 10 million on chrome and with these stats the people over at adblock plus have seen dollar signs lots and lots of dollar signs!

Already for 5 years users of adblocker plus have had to put up with “acceptable ads” which are basically ads that adblocker plus gets paid millions of dollars NOT to block, however this isnt enough for them, now greedy ABP is taking it one step further and is going to stop blocking ads and will start replacing ads on websites with ads that adblock plus get paid for instead (making it kind of defunct as an adblocker if you think about it)!

When you install an adblocker you expect it to block all ads what you do not expect is that the ads will simply be replaced with more ads slowing down you computer even more… what really is the point of this thing now then if it doesnt block ads?
What is quite clear is adblocker plus is stealing ad revenue from website publishers and putting this money into theirs and their advertisement partners pockets instead which just inst right!

By the looks of the sudden influx of negative reviews on both the Firefox and Chrome download pages for ABP a lot of people aren’t happy about these changes and are uninstalling it and installing Ublock origin in its place. WUPS! ABP you have really messed up with this one!

This could in effect confuse users into thinking that what they are seeing are not ads but genuine content after all you do have an “adblocker” installed.

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Written by Gorrila

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  1. Looks as though ABP has lost its last bit of integrity and trust now. I think this was more to do with getting rid of paying publishers ad money more than anything.
    Google should be shaking in their boots now ABP is now a flop google wont be able to pay to get their ads unblocked now haha!

  2. I just noticed something on the firefox addon page for adblocker plus…. They are removing all 1 star negative reviews, there have been loads of negative reviews these last couple of days but as if by magic they have all gone.

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