Why you shouldn’t shop at amazon!


Boycott Amazon before it is too late!

Profits come well before morals at Amazon for example Amazon sells the how-to book, “The Pedophile’s Guide to Love and Pleasure”.. evidence enough that amazon is ran by some twisted sickos but if that wasn’t enough to convince you to boycott amazon for good then read on as I tell you what other disgusting things amazon does that affects YOU as Amazon grows into a bigger and bigger monster!

Amazon is ran by the greediest man on earth Jeff Bezos!

I just cannot even fathom the colossal greed of Amazons CEO Jeff Bezos.

Not only is Jeff Bezos not happy with being the third richest person in the world earning billions each year he still wants more.. more more! Jeff Bezos will stop at nothing to get what he wants.

“Sadistic” sale techniques are often used to squeeze as much profit as possible from third party Sellers on Amazon.

According to Brad Stone’s book “the everything store” Jeff Bezos once said “Amazon should approach small book publishers the way a cheetah would pursue a sickly gazelle.” The book also mentioned how Amazon executives get a sadistic kick out of squeezing every last penny out of small book publishers and if would screw with book publishers performance.

Amazon isn’t just f’ing up book publishers… Amazon is screwing ever niche. Many sellers simply do not have a choice but to sell on Amazon seeing as the only results nowadays you get when searching for products on Google who have a search engine market share of 80% is Amazon (two super internet giants conspiring with each other to screw over everyone else.).

Another amazon sale tactic is that Amazon will often sell items for a loss rather than let someone else have a piece of the pie  and then increase the price later on once all the competition has been eliminated.

The fact of the matter is that Amazon wants to monopolize everything so that you cannot buy or sell anything without having the Amazon mark…Amazon uses its profits and the money its saved through not paying taxes to further expand its aggressive monopoly and kill off small businesses.

No competition= consumers pay more!

If you are a consumer and simply do not care about Sellers on amazon then think for a second about this, Amazon takes a huge 40% commission on all third party sales made through amazon… IF AMAZON DID NOT EXIST YOU WOULD BE ABLE TO BUY THESE ITMES 40% LESS!!!!

Even offline you soon will not be able to avoid Amazon as this greedy bully plans to create 100 pop stores in US malls very soon and will probably do the same in other countries very soon.

Despite having more money than he can ever spend good old Jeffy boy doesn’t want Amazon to pay its fair share of tax. Despite public anger Amazon continues year after year to avoid paying its fair share of cooperation tax across the world by only paying a pittance of what it really should be paying. So not only does Amazon destroy your business but Amazon will not even pay taxes needed for healthcare, schools and other vital services. What is more in 2012 amazon paid just £2.4 million in cooperation tax and received £2.5 million government handouts over that same period!

Think about jobs!

Amazon doesn’t just exploit the tax system it also exploits its own workers.

Amazon is always being condemned about its brutal treatment of its workers. In germany Amazon desnt even pay its workers, instead it exploits the unemployed by teaming up with the job center forcing them to work in their hell hole warehouses or else if they refuse then the job center will stop their state benefits. Here in the UK many unemployed maybe also forced into the “work programme” and are being forced to work themselves to the bone in big businesses like amazon just to get their unemployment benefits!

The way thing are heading and how amazon is destroying more and more small businesses through their aggressive monopoly it isnt that far fetched to think that in a couple of years time that we will al be working for amazon in on of their crappy warehouses working for free… just how jeff bezos likes it!

This is why I think that you should avoid Amazon at all costs!

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Written by Gorrila

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  1. I didn’t know amazon sold peado books :O I think that it is downright disgusting and amazon has lost even more of my respect (if that was even possible). Also why is our government propping up amazon by giving them these handouts and help them out with their stupid drone project (which has only ever been a marketing tactic to get everyone talking about amazon) when amazon do not even pair their fair share of tax?? WHY CANNOT THE GOVERNMENT HELP SMALL BUISNEESES FOR A CHANGE!!!

  2. Amazon is planning on opening brick and mortar stores across Australia. JUST WOW! amazon has wrecked small shops already but no Jeff Bezos still isn’t satisfied. I cannot fathom how greedy Jeff Bezos is.. he never gives to charity and is a pig.

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