R.I.P tHE lABOUR party


At this years labour conference being held in Liverpool Jeremy Corbyn has said that the labour party represents 21st century socialism, in other words the labour party does not represent the working class people that helped create the party. In my opinion the labour party has become a party that disproportionately over-represent a few “trendy” liberal minorities and alienates and ostracises everyone else based on your gender, or if you are straight, what your religion is or your race. There is simply nothing socialist about Jeremy Corby and co who seem to think that politics is a game of top trumps and certain minorities trump other groups of people. For example Jeremy Corbyn is always surrounded by feminists even though we are living in the 21st century and there is no longer any inequality between genders in the UK however these men hating women do not want equality but want to be more superior to men.

The fact is that the labour party does not stand for the working classes of this country any more but for a select few “trendy” minorities instead and it is making the labour party very unappealing to the vast majority of voters.

No hope?

The rebels of the labour party opposing Jeremy Corbyn are no better either as they are obsessed with Tony Blair and think that the people of this country would vote for the labour party if the party was more Blairite…..but greedy, war lord Tony Blair is the last person anyone ever wants to see in charge ever again!


Owen Smith who tried to take on Corbyn is a prime example of how deluded the labour party is… by telling people that he would hold another EU referendum and would not respect the peoples decision to leave the EU if he was in power… this shows that labour party does not respect the decisions of the working class who overwhelmingly voted to leave the EU. Jeremy Corbyn ain’t respecting the vote to leave the eu by saying in his conference speech that if he got in power that he would not have immigration limits and that immigrant numbers are not the problem but exploitive employees instead. However a big reason why people voted to leave the EU was because they saw the mass immigration from the eu taking away their jobs, and destroying British culture. The labour party is so self absorbed and and simply does not understand what the people of this country wants and instead wants to convince people what they should want instead! The vote to leave was a vote against globalization but neither the labour party or the Tories get this at all and seem to want to create a new relationship with the EU and want to create even worse trade deals with US… IGNORING WHAT THE POPEL OF THIS COUNTRY REALLY WANT AND THAT IS CHANGE!

At the moment because the labour party is so unelectable and divided I do not see the tories ever getting kicked out.. meaning we are more or less a one party country and the plutocrat tories can keep on destroying our country.. propping up big buisnesses who pay them and killing of small businesses

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Written by Gorrila

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