Is Julian Assange dead?


There has been a rumour going around on the internet that Julian Assange is dead after the wikileaks twitter account posted a series of hash codes many speculated was part of Julian’s “Insurance file” that would be released if anything happened to him. In my opinion the fear of Julian Assange being killed is not baseless paranoia but a real fear that the only good guy and source of what the US elite are really doing might have been silenced once and for all.


Julian Assange has definitely ruffled a lot of the establishments feathers and have exposed a lot there corruption any question that the government want to silence him. Julian Assange already cannot leave the Ecuadoran embassy and has been practically imprisoned there since 2012 unable to leave the embassy without getting arrested and extraditing to Sweden over alleged rape charges (despite there being no evidence and already questioned by Swedish police and released without charge at the time) and then once in Sweden he would most likely be sent off to America to never be seen again.

It was revealed only a couple of weeks ago that in a meeting Hilary Clinton joked about “Droning” Julian Assange.

The chairman of Hillary Clintons 2016 presidential campaign John Podesta even mocks Julian and wikileaks on twitter… but just comes across as a gluttonous greedy elitist pigs.


Roger Stone (former advisor for Donald trump) has tweeted that John Kerry has threatened the Ecuadorian President with grave consequences if Julain is not silenced and that the Embassy has been stormed by police.


All of thi si evidence that the US government has a lot to hide and is trying their hardest to make sure the truth is not exposed!

However wikileaks twitter feed has confirmed that Julian Assange is not dead but has had his internet disabled by a state party, presumably the US who are doing everything they can to discredit and to put a stop to Julian Assange’s emails leaks that he has been released on Wikileaks about how corrupt the political system, Hilary Clinton and main stream media is.


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