Why you shouldn’t vote for Hillary Clinton


Hillary Clinton Capitalizing on peoples suffering

Hillary Clinton is taking us all for fools and her campaign is just based on liberal platitudes and is capitalizing on peoples suffering and emotions to get more votes. Have you noticed that Hillary Clitnon never really speaks about what she is going to do for the American people? nor does she ever discuss her policies? This is simply because Hillary Clinton does not want things to change because she is happy with the way things are even if most people aren’t, so don’t expect her to change a habit of a lifetime all of a sudden or get tricked into believing any of the meaningless dribble her or her gang says because she ain’t going to do anything to change the corrupt system because its making her VERY RICH!!!!

Meaningless dribble with no substance!

All of Hillary Clinton’s speeches are full of meaningless political rhetoric… such this line she spouted in her Ohio economic policy speech““I believe in an America always moving toward the future.”… that wasn’t actually backed up with anything else and was just pointless.

But it isnt just Hillary Clinton who is pointless….

Last night Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama shared the stage together for the first time… Michelle Obama then began her speech in support of Clinton uttering a load of baseless nonsense and she even used her new catch phrase.. “When they go low, we go high.” Whilst many will see this prosaic statement as admirable and empowering in my opinion it SAYS ALOT of the opposite and is actually mocking the poor.. as well as sums up the Obama/Clinton legacy pretty well.. which aims to make the poor poorer the rich richer! This statement also is an attack on democracy and freedom of speech because whoever disagrees with the democrat liberal is a “deplorable” and the lowest of the low!

Behind the scenes the Hillary Clinton clan is NOT for the people but against them!

In a recent wikileaks email that was sent Wendy Bronfein to John Poesta advising him on how to reach “Fucking dumb young people” in the email she says that Hillary Clinton may not be the best face to attract young voters and says that Hillary Clinton needs to use “trending figures” because “that’s the crap that young people pay attention to”. This is clear evidence that the Hillary Clinton clan does not even RESPECT the electorate and is just using and manipulating them for their votes!

Hillary Clinton isnt going to listen to her voters at all when she gets in power… Obama sure hasnt since he got into power. The only way change would come about with Hillary Clinton in power would be if one her her rich lobbyists wanted something.. and she will then move heaven and earth to make it happen but believe me this change will not be in the peoples best interests but in hers and big businesses!


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