Brexit not going ahead? Democracy dead?


So it looks as though Brexit might not go ahead and democracy and voting counts for nothing anymore as the supreme court has just ruled that it is not upto the people to have a say in leaving the EU but for Mps and unelected Lords to have the final say as to whether we should stay or leave the EU. This proves that democracy simply doe not exist in our country.. and what the people want the establishment will always find a clever loophole way out of it.

THE Decision made yesterday by the High court will be took to the supreme court and appealed but it look very unlikely that the Supreme court will rule differently because your just asking another bunch of establishment cronies whether they wish to stay in or out of the eu… and it hardly unlikely they will want to leave the eu.

I honestly don’t think that parliament will respect the will of the people as the mps and lords will end up voting to stay in the eu because there seems to be more mps wanting to remain I the eu than leave because the entire SNP will vote to stay and most of the labour party will also vote stay.. plus the conservative party is split too on opinion. Furthermore because the House of lords is filed with unelected establishment businessmen I hardly doubt the house of lords will vote to stay in the EU either.. so the peoples votes will be just ignored. THAT’S MODERN DAY DEMOCRACY FOR YA FOLKS! Mps such as Ken Clarke are already saying that they are going to be ignoring the referendum vote and will be voting to stay in the eu when the vote comes. One of the reasons these mps are saying that they are voting to stay in the EU is because they are doing it for the young people because the vast majority of them want to stay in the eu. Which is complete and utter rubbish and a lie because MPS don t know if the majority of young people voted to leave the EU because voting is done anonymously, and in my opinion I don t think young people want to stay in the eu.. because I am a young person and I don t want to stay in the eu because I can see this country getting worse and worse with all the big tax avoiding businesses taking over and all of the immigrants coming here taking our jobs. I don t see the eu as a good thing at all and change is needed!

If MPS do the right thing and dont ignore the peoples vote, Brexit we will still be on the back foot for negotiations eu for trade deal with them because they will already know our plans and strategies because we would have discussed everything in parliament before hand.

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  1. I don’t trust Mps to do the right thing even if they do vote to leave the EU. Mps do not get what Brexit means at all.. people voted against Brexit because they are sick and tire of globalization but MPS think that we should just renegotiate and jump into the same bed as before.
    George Osborne has said that we should re-double our efforts to attract Chinese investors because brexit will hurt our economy DOH!

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