Donald Trump the conman! Filling His Cabinet With Billionaires!

Donald Trump vowed to drain the swamp that is Washington if he got into power and made out that he would stick up for the hard workingclass people of America and be their voice however by the looks of Donald Trumps latest cabinet appointments he has no plans of doing this. WHATSOEVER!

Donald trump has nominated former Goldman Sachs investment bank executive Steven Mnuchin worth $46billion to be treasury secretary and Wilbur Ross who once worked for Rothschild inc and is worth $2.9 billion as head of the Commerce Department, despite neither of them having any government experience.

The list of the super rich that trump has nominated for his cabinet doesn’t end there….Bernie sanders posted graphic of Donald Trumps cabinet and their net worth on twitter:


Itis believed that Donald Trumps cabinet is going to be the richest in history! With these top positions in the government these rich billionaires can easily manipulate the system to boost their own wealth.
For example Donald trump wants to make fracking and oil mogul Harold Hamm (worth$10bn!!!) to be ENERGY secretary which would immensely benefit his company if he was the one making all the rules about energy! By the looks of things Donald Trump played on the peoples emotions and exploited their anger towards the elite to get them to vote for him and now Donald trump is doing the exact opposite of what he promised and he is filling Washington full to the brim of greedy businessmen who will be putting their interests first before the American peoples.

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