Best Ipad Pro screen protectors to buy

In this article I will be discussing what are the best screen protectors to buy for the ipad pro 9.7 and 12.5.There are lots of reasons as to why you might want to buy a screen protector for your ipad pro, the biggest obviously is to avoid scratches which can damage your screen and affect its touch screen responsiveness. Scratches are not covered by Apples warranty meaning you will have to foot the bill for replacing your screen and replacing an ipad pro screen can cost a lot of money! that is why it is important to protect your screen from the get go! Protecting your screen is really easy and simple… USE A SCREEN PROTECTOR!

Matte anti glare, clear or Tempered glass screen protectors?
Matt anti glare screen protectors are best in my opinion! If you are using your ipad pro to draw on using the apple pencil then if I was you I would go for the matte anti glare screen protector over the clear or tempered glass screen protectors. This is because matte anti glare screen protectors make drawing on your screen feel as though you are drawing on paper, due to the fact that the matte finished screen protectors have a little bit of a texture to them unlike the clear and tempered glass ones which are ultra smooth and will cause your pencil to slip and slide across the screen. A down side to the Matte screen protectors is that they can dull the screen slightly and because of the texture on them the the apple pencil nib may wear out quicker.moshi-ipad-pro-12-9-inch-screen-protector-whiteThe two screen protector that I have found work the best are the Photodon anti glare screen protector (if you live outside of the US postage can cost an absolute bomb from the photodon website) and the moshi anti glare screen protector for the ipad pro. Both of these screen protectors are really great, These screen protectors are not too thick so they will not create a massive parallax effect and they only slightly dim the screen, plus these protectors are really easy to apply and leave minimal bubbles behind!

What about Tempered glass and clear screen protectors?
If you are not drawing on your screen and just want something that will protect your screen from damage then a tempered glass screen protector maybe a better choice. Tempered glass screen protectors are a little thicker than matte of clear screen ones and may affect the responsiveness of your touch screen however they do protect your screen a lot better from scratches and damage and are great if you are using your iPad pro outside or something! Clear screen protectors will not dim the screen of your ipad unlike the matte anti glare ones however they are very slick and will be annoying to draw on.

-The only draw back of using a screen protector is that they can create an annoying parallax effect.One of the good things about the ipad pro which makes it better than the cintiq tablets is that when drawing with the pencil there is no parallax effect (the gap between the cursor and the pen)…. However if you do use a screen protector you will create a small parallax effect (about 0.3mm)! So it is a bit of a trade off between risking scratching your screen or having a parallax but being protected from scratches!

NON DISCLAIMER EVERYTHING I SAY IN THIS ARTICLE IS THE TRUTH AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUST. DONT BE TRICKED BY AMAZON AFFILIATE SCAMMERS.This mini review has been written solely to help people. There are hundreds of spam websites out there that are write disingenuous articles on the internet designed to get people to click their amazon affiliate links. These spammers are not interested in helping you find the bests screen protector for your ipad. I am not affiliated with any of the screen protector companies that I have mentioned above nor will profit in anyway from this article. I’m just writing it to help and to hopefully knock a couple of those spammers off the top spot on google and actually save people the time and frustration of buying a rubbish screen protector.If you have any question or if you have any suggestion of a protector that I have not mentioned then please go ahead and comment below! Thanks.

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  1. Thanks for your suggestions will try out the photodon. I bought cheap screen protector a couple weeks ago for my ipad from amazon and it was absolutely rubbish and it just peeled off after an hour of applying it. There are so many dodgy fakes and cheap Chinese garbage on amazon, will only buy from reputable websites or places like John lewis from now on.. at least then if something goes wrong I can atleast take it back.

  2. I recently got a really big nasty scratch on my Ipad pro and now I am looking for a screen protector but I got one for my cintiq and it kind of dulls the screen, makes the pen too far away from the cursor and makes it hollow when you tap it if that even makes sense, Does anyone know any good ones that doesn’t do this?

    • Unfortunately I don’t think there will ever be a “perfect” screen protector that wont dull the screen slightly or create a parallax effect because unless they make a 0.00001mm thick super clear but scratch proof protector we will always have to make do with 2mm thickness and slight dulling of the screen… but the parallax effect shouldn’t be as bad on the ipad when drawing than it is on the cintiq because the cintiq already comes with a rubbish parallax effect anyway and the ipad doesn’t.

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