Ipad pro vs cintiq 27 qhd.

Recently I got a new ipad pro and I thought I would share my experience of how I find drawing on it compared to drawing on a cintiq.

The drawing experience on the ipad pro is a lot more fun in my opinion than it is on the cintiq 27qhd for many different reasons. Even though the cintiq 27qhd is more than double the size of the ipad pro…

Here are the top reasons why ipad pro beats the cintiq 27qhd

-The ipad pro is a lot cheaper costing £729 +plus £100 for the apple pencil compared with the £1500+ for a cintiq 27qhd

-The ipad pro is a fully fledged tablet meaning you can use it for other things such as browsing the internet and playing games, whereas the the cintiq is just a monitor.

-the iPad pro crucially does not have a parallax effect (annoying gap between pen and cursor) which makes drawing on the iPad a lot better and more realistic than it is on the cintiq. The cintiq simply feels like you are drawing ona window and the drawing is on the other side of the window… it is really jarrring and not a very nice feeling when drawing.

-With the cintiq you need a pretty fast computer with plenty of ram and a good CPU to make sure that you can run programs such as Photoshop smoothly and work on high resolution canvas or else you will be extremely frustrated at how Photoshop will lag and how cruddy your pictures will look.

-With the iPad pro you are able to tilt the pen and create brush stroke just as you would with a pencil on paper however with the cintiq you cannot do this at all!

– you can zoom and pan the screen whilst drawing using finger gestures whilst with the cintiq you need to buy the touch version which costs even more!

-Something that also makes drawing on the iPad better is the fact that you can use procreate which is miles better than photoshop when it comes to drawing and painting. Procreate which only costs ($5.99 from apples app store and comes with lifetime updates) is infinity better than Photoshop which costs £17.50 PER MONTH. Although Photoshop is meant to handle bigger files (more pixels and more dpi) because it is a desktop program rather than an app… Photoshop is nowhere near as powerful than procreate when it comes to drawing. The brushes on procreate are more detailed, easier to use look a lot better than the boring and undetailed brushes that come with photoshop. What is more Photoshop has not been updated (properly) with new features for a long long time and is extremely bloated full of features that you will hardly ever use which eat into your computers ram slowing it down and making Photoshop very confusing to use. Whilst procreate is extremely simple to use and has been created with artists in mind instead of accommodating for everyone! Procreate is also always being updated to make it faster, more features and better.

I was extremely disappointed in the cintiq 27qhd when I first got it because it simply did not live up to my expectations nor the hype on the internet about it and then was even more disappointed when I bought the ipad pro and realized how much of a waste of money the cinitq was. Wacom have now announced that they are releasing new range of cintiq pros that will not have parallax size… which will be slightly bigger than the ipad pro (however will use the same pen as the 27qhd so thus will not have proper title power like the ipad pro) however if I was you I would avoid Wacom and just stick to ipads as they are a lot better!

What do you think?

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Written by Gorrila

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  1. The ipad and is good but a lot smaller than the cintiq pro… after reading this article I am really stuck on what to buy. I hope Wacom release a big cintiq pro soon.

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