Photogeeks softbox review. DONT BUY CHEAP LIGHTS FROM EBAY!

Here is my quick review about just how rubbish photogeeks lighting kits are! I recently bought a 3 soft box lighting kit from ebay from photogeeks for £110 and it is absolutely terrible.

Here are the main reason why you shouldn’t buy them:

Photogeeks soft boxes must be the most infuriating and annoying things to set up in the world.
It took me 2 hours to set up two of the three soft boxes in the kit because they are extremely tedious and fiddly to set up. For instances when setting up the soft boxes you will find that nothing actually fits as it should such as the metal rods that support the soft box which are attached to the soft box via cheap pieces of Velcro which do not properly secure the metal frame whic means it constantly falls in on itself.
Also when attaching the inner diffuser sheet onto the soft box you have to clip it onto the box with cheap metal clips that are no better than paper clips and are extremely hard to clip onto the darn softbox. These are just some of the many many problem you face when setting up the lights. When you do actually manage to set up your soft boxes they just look like rubbish and do not look professional at all.

2. CHEAP RUBBISH STANDS! The stands that come with the lights are extremely unstable and very flimsy. So precariously balanced are the lights that even the slightest knock can send them hurtling to the ground.. smashing your light bulbs if you are not careful.

The soft boxes were extremely poorly made with thin, extremely flimsy and cheap material that does not actually fit properly around the light which means you get lots of gaps and holes on the soft box… which kind of makes having a light box a bit pointless when light just leaks out of these gaps.

4. The light itself isn’t very powerful but this doesn’t stop the light head from getting hot this is probably because of poor electrics. The light fitting also looks extremely cheap and dodgy as though it was made on the cheap in a Chinese factory… in fact it probably was! One of the main reasons that I bought photogeeks lights instead of from other ebay sellers which were cheaper (£60 cheaper in fact) was the because photogeeks was located in the UK and I did not want to risk buying electric equipment from china because I did not want my house burning down. HOWEVER after having a second look on ebay I actually found out exactly what photogeeks is doing. Basically the other Chinese sellers on ebay are selling the exact same lights as photogeeks just without the photogeeks logo on them.

What I should have bought was this soft box kit from jessops (a real photography shop), which is a lot better quality, has an easy to set up collapsible softbox and made by an actual brand called interfit, rather than buying from some ebay scam seller who is just buying cheap garbage lights from china and sticking their logo on them. These lights are also only £30 rather than £110 and at least you can take it back if you don’t like it or if things go wrong!

If you are looking to buy a quality soft light box then stay away from ebay and stay away from photogeeks.

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Written by Gorrila

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