Currently the elites are having a secretive Bilderberg conference at a hotel in Chantilly in  Virginia. The elites have these conferences every year at a luxurious hotels around the world and have been doing this since 1954.

What is Bilderberg and who founded it?

Bilderberg is a secretive group that was established to shape the world how those in the group see fit. The Bilderberg group aims to overthrow elected governments across the world and create a one world government controlled by them. Amongst the founders of the Bilderberg group includes a Norwegian prince called Prince Bernhard who was a member of the nazi party and Józef Retinger who started the European movement and help start the European Union. Whilst what is said at these meetings is kept highly secret, whistleblowers at the event have managed to reveal some of the things that are discussed. A leaked document has revealed that the Bilderberg group discussed creating the European Union and a EU currency in 1954. The main aim of the Bilderberg group is to create a one world government. Many believe that the creation of the EU is a test project devised by the bilderbergers in preparation of an even bigger more audacious plan of creating a one world government.

During world war 2 the nazi’s tried and failed to unite Europe and ultimately the rest of the world under their fascist government. The Bilderberg group was set up to carry on with this aim but instead of war the nazis plan on infiltrating into countries governments and use big cooperations to create crippling monopolies to enslave normal people.

Attendees to the event include elite from politics, industry, finance, academia, and the media. Due to the vast influence those that attend the Bilderberg have means the group is able to keep their meetings secret. Despite world leaders and Billionaires attending the event the mainstream media do not report on Bilderberg conferences because those who attend the meetings such as Rupert Murdoch own the mainstream media and do want us “mere mortals” knowing what they are plotting.

The Bilderbergers will stop at nothing to overthrow elected governments and enslave us and have enough wealth and power to achieve their goals. The only thing that you can do is to boycott businesses and brands linked to people who attend bilderber meetings.


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Written by Gorrila

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