in review: It is a scam!

Looking for a google adsense alternative? Dont go with MEDIA.NET Yahoo/Bing Network Contextual Ads!

Recently I added ads to my site to see if I could make a little bit of money. I wasn’t expecting much, but what I wasn’t expecting was that I wouldn’t even be able to make 1p! This was despite getting THOUSANDS OF IMPRESSIONS FROM REAL PEOPLE from sources such as google news. My blog was all about tech related news and receives hundreds of unique visitors each day from mainly the US and the Uk which means there is no excuse for me not to earn anything. uses the RPM model to pay its advertisers. RPM stands for Revenue per thousand impressions using a figure set by algorithms to determine how much money you should get paid. uses these secret “algorithms” that analyse your traffic gets away with not paying advertisers their due money. uses these algorithms to determine that your traffic is “low quality” and not worth paying for by setting the RPM figure at $0.0. This means that no matter how good or bad your traffic quality is you wont earn a penny and gets free traffic.

When you apply to you are given a account manager.. my account manager is called “Rohan Das” who was very quick to approve my site and help me set up my ads, however when I asked Rohan (what a dumb name) why I was not earning anything at all despite giving them good quality traffic.. Rohan ignored me. is owned by Microsoft/yahoo/bing after a multi billion dollar takeover so I thought it would be legit, but I was quite clearly wrong.
After researching online I found out that does this to a lot of people. There a literally hundreds of forums threads and blog posts posted by people complaining about the exact same thing. Some posts include people who do mange to start earning money with get their accounts banned when it comes to payout time for no reason.

I have no doubt that despite being owned by Microsoft is a scam company. Created to scam free advertising out of website owners looking to make a quick couple of bucks. There is a unlimited supply of new webmasters who are able to prey on so its is unlikely that they will run out of suckers for this scam.

It no big loss that I didn’t earn anything from this scam ad network because I would rather not have their cruddy looking ads on my site. Literally the ads that that display on your site self are as ugly as can be.. they make your site look as though a spammer has puked all over your site! If you are looking for a google adsense alternative then this company is definitely not it.

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Written by Gorrila

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  1. Same experience. they promise high RPM and pay for one month, then the RPM drops way off and they under report impressions. If you complain, they claim your traffic is low quality and suspend your account and keep your earnings. My traffic was all legit 90% USA and 5% Canada and none of the other major networks like Index, Adsense or Criteo have even given me a warning. is NOT owned by Microsoft or Yahoo, they just get access to their ad networks. It’s a small company with a poor reputation, just look at all the reports of scams and suspended accounts. They make their money keeping earnings from legitimate publishers:-( Don’t be another victim.

  2. There are so many shills online trying to promote this ad network by writing lots of fake reviews but don’t be fooled! This company 100% a scam.. you will get nowhere with this ad network. Even if you send them thousands of real ad impressions at best you will earn a couple pennies.. and even then wont let you cash that out. Dont waste your time.

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