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If you are thinking of using hosting then simply don’t bother!

I originally wrote a review on Trustpilot however I was alerted via email that the review was removed after decided to report it to Trustpilot. has reported your review because they don’t believe you’ve had a genuine buying or service experience. Reported reviews are temporarily moved offline.

This shows that you should not entirely trust their glowing Trustpilot score as by the looks of it Brixly simply gets any negative reviews removed. Rather than go through Trustpilot process of getting the review reinstated on Trustpilot by revealing what websites I hosted with them which could result in reprisals to my business website from Brixly I have decided to share my experience here instead.

I used to host few simple WordPress sites using their shared reseller hosting package costing £9.75. At that price, I was not expecting a lot but what I wasn’t expecting is for simple, small WordPress sites to be running so slowly. Frustrated by the how slow my site was running I decided to test it through Pingdom and after multiple tests, it took on average 10 seconds to load with one test taking a whole 60 seconds to load. Tests were even slower when testing from the UK. Oh well, at least my site was faster than 3% of the internet according to Pingdom! I would totally understand if my site was running slow because of having a load of plugins activated and was using a very complicated theme but the truth is that the site was a very simple WordPress site with a basic theme, minimal plugins activated and using the Wp Super Cache plugin that is designed to speed things up. There are simply no excuses for why my site was running so slow. I have used free hosts that I have had much better performance that and the way that Brixly got my honest review removed from Trustpilot and replaced with “Customer does not exist and has been reported.” has left me very annoyed and even more determined to warn people not to use this company if that is how they do business.

If the same thing has happened to you please feel free to post your review in the comments below and let everyone know!

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