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    Wheres all my cars oil gone? I had my car serviced in October, did a couple of thousand miles before then driving to Chamonix in February. Less than half an hour after I got off the ferry (and after I’d decided against European breakdown insurance – typical) my car started complaining of low oil. It’s a smarty-pants new car (2013 Volvo V60 D3)…[Read more]

    • Maybe the service wasn’t very good, and they didn’t replace enough oil?

      Engines burn oil, at various rates, without generating blue smoke. A mate has a Nissan Primera that uses it fairly quickly; this seems to be a regular problem. I’d check with google to see if this is a regular ‘feature’ with your…[Read more]

      • I did consider that, and so I figure the best port of call is to take it to a garage to get a full oil change and have them take a look to make sure nothing is amiss, and then monitor it.

        I’m aware that all engines consume oil to some degree, however I’ve never had the problem with a modern diesel consuming enough to complain about low oil, and…[Read more]

        • I bet your suspicion of the ferry sloshing also had something to do with it. Warning lights often don’t clear immediately the fault is fixed.

    • I suspect this is the most likely, that the garage accidentally didn’t put much in. It’s happened to me in the past.

    • I definitely don’t like the idea of no dip stick. Electronics fail but a stick never lies. Lots of diesels use oil. My van does 20k between services but the oil runs low at 18k every time.

      My guess if you only did a few k would be the garage not filling it properly in the first place.

      • I agree. I didn’t discover this until I pulled off the Autoroute and tried to check the level. Very upsetting. An added insult to injury is that you can’t check the level immediately after the engine has been running, so whilst I knew it thought it had less oil than it should, I couldn’t find out exactly how little. 15 minutes of sitting in the…[Read more]

    • My car, made in the fatherland, did the same thing recently after I parked on, then pulled off of a particularly steep road. I put a tiny amount of oil in and all was OK again. I suspect the gradient, like your ferry, just upset the clever vurspruning technology!

      • I think it must have been low (or certainly nowhere near maximum) to begin with as well though, as after adding 500ml it didn’t bring up the ‘too much oil’ message at any point in my journey.

        I thought I’d driven it long enough to clear any ferry-related sloshing after the warning initially came up too – it didn’t appear until probably about 30…[Read more]

    • Check your water – is it oily? any mayonaise like stuff (don’t eat it)?

      • I’ll have a look when I’m reacquainted.
        There weren’t any deposits on the oil filler cap when I took a look at the time, which I hoped ruled out head gasket failure when combined with the lack of oil-burning smoke coming out of the back end. I’ll check the coolant as well next time I see the vehicle though.

  • eee posted an update 4 months, 1 week ago

    Micros**t has really pissed me off.

    I’ve got Home & Student Office 16; i.e. the basic version (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and One-note), but I’m doing some professional work producing an Excel “tool” for someone. It’s reasonably complicated and I found the TEXTJOIN function which really helps with what I’m doing.

    I come down this morning to…[Read more]

    • Get the entire Office suite; full, professional versions, via their home use programme, for £10…


    • It’s annoying but it’s reasonably unoriginal “feature advertising”. A bit like how (and I know I am talking about something from 10+ years ago here) you get only five opportunities to play a non-Region-2-encoded DVD on a lot of laptop players/apps (which is five more that you would get on a non-multi-region dedicated DVD player hooked up to your telly!)

      • Thing is it wasn’t advertised, their documentation/help etc just says it’s there, nothing about giving it to you and then taking away.

        I’ve never really like MS, but this is a now low (for me at least).

    • > I’ve got Home & Student Office 16, but I’m doing some professional work

      > It stinks, it feels like I’ve stolen something.

      See what some simple editing has done there?

      • Don’t know whether you’re being funny or serious.

        If funny, then nice one

        If serious, then get real, you’re just playing with semantics. It’s a kosher version of office with a full version of the bits of Office I need. Why would I pay extra for bits I don’t need, just so that it can have a slightly different name?

        • Take a look at the licence agreement. It will say “The software is not licensed for use in any commercial, non-profit, or revenue generating business activities.”, or similar.

    • Have you tried just using “&” it’s a bit of a long shot but it might still be there as in (A2)&(B6) is concatenate, but in shorthand.

      • I’ve got a number of cells with text that I want to concatenate with a delimiter but excluding blank cells. Textjoin does the job with no need for extra logic.

        Eg; an address over several cells converted to a single string with commas.

        Concatenate function is still available.

    • Whatever you’re doing, I’m almost completely sure you don’t want to be doing it in excel.

      Export to .csv and it’ll be a ten minute job in Python.

      I’ve seen many programs written in spreadsheets where there are hard to spot bugs and/or nobody has a clue how they work any more.

      • for client maintainability, I’m trying to do it all with formulas. Although I of course can’t guarantee it to be bug free, I do clearly document what I’ve done so that anyone with reasonable Excel skills could follow what I’ve done.

        I’m sure there are more elegant ways of doing all that I’m providing but not sure that would fit all of the…[Read more]

    • How many cells are you looking to join?

      a bit of a faff I know but could you do it with an IF and some “,” and &s

      • That’s what I think I’m going to have to do, would have been nice to avoid it though. Becomes rather long because it’s got indirect in it.

    • “WTF is going on with Microsoft giving me features (either with the original purchase or a subsequent update) and then removing them with a subsequent auto-update”

      I sympathize, but you bought a license to use a product, and part of the deal is that Microsoft gets to update that product from time to time. If you’d actually bought the Office…[Read more]

  • nab posted an update 4 months, 1 week ago

    Okay my fellow Retaggr’s, let’s sit by the fireside and have a real conversation. Life, what is it all about? I was having a conversation with a college educated friend of mine and I figured I would bring the conversation to Retaggr. The road to success has many bumps and turns and the outcome isn’t always guaranteed.

    What do you believe the best…[Read more]

    • Well, things in Brazil are a little bit different.

      I have graduated friends that don’t have a job not even an internship. It’s really worrying.

      I was lucky to get my first job as a support analyst without my degree in college, in a big company which is part of a German insurance group. Now I’m graduated and about to be promoted to manage the…[Read more]

    • I think that the path to success is happiness. Why do we go to college? To feel happy we achieved something and feel good about getting a job. Money? Well.. if you have lots of money you are happy and things go well, if you don’t then you are sad and things go not so well.

      And just in General a happy person that just lives day to day bein’ hap…[Read more]

      • Money does not bring happiness. Happiness can bring money. Money bring struggles, money brings tension, money amplifies the person you are. If you are a prick you are going to be an even bigger prick with money, if you are giving you are going to be even more giving with money, if you don’t know how to control your money you will have lots of toys…[Read more]

        • This is a good, motivating post. But how can happines bring you money if you do nothing?

          The problem of rock starts and actors is in the fact that they can’t control themselves with a bit amount of money.. that’s another question

          • Doing nothing is not an option, you have to do something. At that something should be what you are passionate about. You can’t be happy in a card board box and expect the world to just give you stuff because you exist, some people will give to you and you might find a few that are extremely generous…but at the end of the day doing nothing…[Read more]

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  • Kylie posted an update 4 months, 3 weeks ago

    I am currently reading a book where someone is supposed to have committed suicide with a shotgun and the post-mortem said death was due to a bullet wound.

    Um, surely death by shotgun would have blown someone’s head off? I can’t see how someone could place a shotgun to their owm head and pull the trigger. I think it is possible to get bullets for…[Read more]

    • When I was a kid there was a local farmer with a good portion of his face missing-he’s tried to kill himself after the death of his wife, using a shotgun. so it doesnt necessarily blow their head off. Kurt Cobain also used a shotgun-so it can also be successful! can’t answer the rest of your questions though.

    • Bullets for shotguns? Different gauges of cartridges yes – and a shotgun can do a lot of damage or not a lot, depending on a lot of things. Sadly there is a high suicide rate among farmers, and it is often the method of choice. I think your author is mistaken, but someone else may know different!

    • You do need a shotgun licence to own one. I have to have one for my re-enactment musket, along with a black powder licence


      Have a look at where the author isn’t from, I’ve found a shocking lack of research from authors in general but perticularly for the US authors who seem to assume eve…[Read more]

    • You can get solid shotgun slugs. But you would need a shot gun certificate to hold the gun and purchase the ammunition.
      Some shotguns have a very light trigger I know me dads skeet gun does and you can actually trigger both barrels at once if you’re a bit heavy handed.
      As to the mechanics I believe often sitting in a chair, shoes off and using the…[Read more]

    • Damage would depend on the distance, choke, bore, cartridge etc. Entry and exit wounds I have seen on animals can vary.
      A close family member took their own life with a shotgun. They used a vice and a peg they had made for the purpose.

      There are a lot of thefts of legally held shotguns here as guns in general are very hard to get hold of, they…[Read more]

    • There are lots of cases where people have tried to commit suicide with a shotgun or even just a simple hand gun and failed.. leaving them horribly disfigured. Not nice at all 🙁

  • mike posted an update 4 months, 3 weeks ago

    Who has right of way..? There is one (very quiet) ‘main’ road onto the estate I live on. My house is the first one you come to on a one-car-wide side road off to the right of the main road – a side road which is also the access road for parking for several other houses and flats. My driveway is off this side road.

    By far the easiest way for me…[Read more]

    • I believe the insurer would normally blame the reversing driver in any incident where one driver was reversing and the other not. Definitely on anything you might describe as a main road, but perhaps not always in a car park. I’ve always seen reversing as one of those things where the onus is on you to make sure there’s no-one else about or in…[Read more]

      • “I go past the space, then pull up next to the next parked car, indicate left, and pop it in reverse.”

        Get your indicator on before you stop. No wonder people aren’t leaving you enough space to reverse in, they don’t know your intentions until it’s too late 😉

    • I await informed replies eagerly.

      I either reverse from a main road on to my drive, or reverse from my drive on to a main road.

      Not having a death wish, I reverse from the road to my drive and then leave forwards. However the summer organ donor season looms and a lot of bikes will be doing 2x the village speed limit soon. I’m convinced i…[Read more]

    • Do you really want to get into a neighbour dispute with him? Neighbour disputes can get ugly, and at worst could affect the sale of your property at some future date.

      As the question of “right of way” sounds a bit grey to me, I’d be inclined to accept that as a driver he appears to be an inconsiderate wanker and just accept that he’s going to do…[Read more]

    • Sounds like he is driving inconsiderately, but equally so are you and therefore the potential collision (it usually takes two to tango.) In my view, reversing without looking properly puts you more at fault.

      If you have someone behind you in that situation, you should pull over at the side of the main access road just past your junction, let…[Read more]

    • Either

      1. Reverse more slowly so there’s no chance of reversing into them


      2. when you do your swing to the right and then back left, don’t leave enough gap to enable someone to jump into it

      Personally, life is short and 1 is simple.

    • Cheers, all. This is interesting – I had seen the situation as me being in the middle of a manouevre and him being utterly in the wrong for getting in the way of it (in exactly the same vein as the driver who pulls up to your bumper when you’re parallel reversing into a space). But it does seem others are seeing it as more nuanced than that.…[Read more]

    • My understanding is that you should always reverse into the more minor road. I assume forwarding onto the minor road, going past your house before reversing onto your drive isn’t an option.

      Difficult to visualize the road layout from your description but how about switching your hazard lights on before you start reversing so make it extra clear…[Read more]

      • “I assume forwarding onto the minor road, going past your house before reversing onto your drive isn’t an option.”

        There’s not enough room to swing into my drive if I do that – the side road has an enormous hedge that gets in the way.

        Freeflyer – that’s more or less my plan. I just can’t imagine he doesn’t know what I’m about to do (he’s seen…[Read more]

    • Wrt insurance, unless there’s a clear winner they seem to do 50-50. For example this happened to me when I was reversing out of a slow queue at the M6 toll, another driver was cutting across the queues with similar intentions and there was a mini-bump. The other party was not impressed at the 50-50 decision as he assumed like other posters here…[Read more]

    • Personally speaking when reversing in the kind of situation that you describe I’ve always viewed it as my responsibility to give way in order to complete the manoeuvre safely.

      I would generally achieve this by pulling over to the left to allow the vehicle behind to pass before I hit reverse.

    • I have to do a similar manouver to reverse into our drive. Our street is already limited to 20 so I slow right down, indicate left briefly then steer across to the right. Some drivers are so impatient that they are already lining up to pass me on the right, some even dive to the left to try to nip past behind me. It’s all about stopping them then…[Read more]

  • mike posted an update in the group Group logo of BrexitBrexit 4 months, 3 weeks ago

    Surely all those blue signs proclaiming ‘funded by the EU’ should also say ‘with money donated by the UK’?

    • Why? It’s funded, as it says, by the EU. That is the EU that has massively expanded the economies of all countries in Europe over the last 30+ years by opening trade and opportunities. Viewing it as a zero-sum, money in, money out game, is woefully wrong-headed.

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  • Nobert posted an update in the group Group logo of BrexitBrexit 4 months, 3 weeks ago

    Why did 17 m people vote to leave.?

    Surely, the £350 million on the bus can’t have been that convincing?

    And why given the level of debate since the referendum haven’t millions of people realized that they’ve been deceived and are why aren’t they now clamouring to remain?

    • I think there were very many reasons why 17m voted Leave, some actually more connected with the EU than others, but it is a bit disingenuous now to say, as Leave leaders have, that the £350m figure was not an important factor. Presumably its total irrelevance explains why they put it on the side of their bus and were constantly photographed and…[Read more]

    • The £350 million on the bus and the whole Leave campaign might have convinced some people to vote leave but I think that most people had either made up their minds about the EU before any debate began or voted leave just to annoy the politicians.

      In order to broaden my right wing, nationalist outlook I have taken to reading other papers than the…[Read more]

    • It has been ingrained in certain areas of the media over the last 20 years that the EU is a bureaucratic deadweight holding the UK back, some people will believe this even if the evidence is right in front of them.

      I personals know a person who voted brexit who lives and works in north wales who works in a German owned factory which was funded by…[Read more]

  • MarkB posted an update in the group Group logo of BrexitBrexit 4 months, 3 weeks ago

    In my opinion some people are looking at things in the wrong way. There’s another way of looking at the EU, which is this. However much characters in the past, and characters today like Juncker think it’s ‘their’ project, it’s no such thing – it’s an inexorable development in a world of free trade, globalisation and individual freedom. It makes no…[Read more]

    • I have no problem with free trade, customs unions, common regulations, etc.

      I do have a problem with free movement of labour when it skews the domestic labour conditions, handing over large sums of money to fund a political aim and having to accept european laws in a domestic setting.

      It is/should be possible to share common goals and ambitions…[Read more]

      • I don’t think that quite covers this case. People were assured it would be in their best interests eg £350m a week for the NHS, you will keep all the same rights, countries will be queuing up to sign trade deals, it can all be sorted in a couple of quick meetings etc etc. Well it’s not quite panned out like that so I believe people should now be…[Read more]

  • isac posted an update in the group Group logo of BrexitBrexit 4 months, 3 weeks ago

    For me I see no reason to pay any money to the EU, except for an administration fee, and have no wish to fund the development of other EU countries. Either all countries pay or none at all. And yes I know the argument that helping other countries develop increases their ability to buy things from us.

    Why would we want to have another tier of…[Read more]

    • You seem a reasonable and realistic sort of guy so can I just ask this: since you seem resigned to the fact that we are not going to get the clean, painless Brexit we were assured would be ours for the taking during the referendum and since the overwhelming majority of business leaders and most economists seem to be convinced a hard Brexit will…[Read more]

      • Remaining in the EU would not be the end of the world.

        However, doing so would require the overturning of the referendum result.

        Either by another referendum or by the government ignoring the first referendum result.

        While remaining would prevent the economic disaster predicted by many it would create a whole set of other problems.

        Any…[Read more]

        • Thanks for that very full reply. I can appreciate many of the points you raise and actually agree with a lot of them. We are now in a very unenviable position either way. However, in that trite old phrase, we start from where we are and I do believe that we are now reduced to picking the lesser of the evils. In my view that has to be a…[Read more]

    • “I see no reason to pay any money to the EU, except for an administration fee, and have no wish to fund the development of other EU countries. Either all countries pay or none at all. And yes I know the argument that helping other countries develop increases their ability to buy things from us.”

      How much do you think it’s going to cost to employ…[Read more]

      • My objection to paying the EU money is based on fairness.

        Either all countries pay or none do.

        But that of course wouldn’t allow the EU to finance its social programme would it?

        UK law is subsidiary to ECJ law because we signed up to it which was a mistake.

        We’ve had years of uncontrolled immigration from EU countries again because we signed…[Read more]

    • “I see no reason to pay any money to the EU, except for an administration fee, and have no wish to fund the development of other EU countries. Either all countries pay or none at all. And yes I know the argument that helping other countries develop increases their ability to buy things from us.”

      So which bit of that argument do you disagree with,…[Read more]

      • Your last paragraph where you state that you were reasonably happy with the way things were going pre referendum goes to the heart of the matter.

        17 million people didn’t share your view and voted for a change. We’ve argued as to the rights and wrongs of this decision for years now and your posts on this thread point out, quite rightly, how much…[Read more]

        • “Your last paragraph where you state that you were reasonably happy with the way things were going pre referendum goes to the heart of the matter.”

          The things I wasn’t happy with stem from things we have little control over like economic cycles and from those we do like poor domestic government which has at best failed to effectively mitigate the…[Read more]

          • Your inability to see why some people are unable to access the benefits of EU membership mystifies me.

            I don’t think my posts have laid the blame of Brexit at the EU’s door, that needs to be the responsibility of the UK.

            The chaos caused by Brexit might be the catalyst needed for political change, it’s hard to see how else a ‘revolution’ will…[Read more]

            • It just won’t, not for the better anyway. Brexit will not deliver economic growth, economic opportunities for the low skilled/poor or increased political accountability, there is always another scapegoat, the only question is for how long will it remain the other before the blame is focused on you (it’s already on me as a member of the ‘guardian…[Read more]

            • For many people in the UK the EU has opened up many opportunites for work, travel, etc.

              Unfortunately for many people, especially those who live in economicaly deprived areas, these opportunities do not present themselves in the same way.

              Competing with an EU migrant for a job or watching your wage rate being undercut doesn’t exactly inspire you…[Read more]

            • “For many people in the UK the EU has opened up many opportunites for work, travel, etc.”

              “Unfortunately for many people, especially those who live in economicaly deprived areas, these opportunities do not present themselves in the same way.”

              Why not? I only speak English, my skills are no more or less transferable than those of a joiner or a…[Read more]

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  • amy posted an update in the group Group logo of BrexitBrexit 4 months, 3 weeks ago

    In my opinion anybody who doesn’t want to remain in the single market and a customs union, that allows the UK to make its own deals with countries outside of the EU, is making life difficult for themselves.

    Unfortunately, for both the Labour party and the UK, the EU attaches conditions to membership of both the single market and the customs union…[Read more]

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  • snowy posted an update in the group Group logo of BrexitBrexit 4 months, 3 weeks ago

    In an ideal world and what I hoped for from Brexit –

    Not paying the EU any money.

    Not being under the jurisdiction of the ECJ.

    Having complete control over immigration.

    In the real world I could settle for –

    Reduced payment to the EU as part of a free trade/customs agreement.

    Having to have ECJ jurisdiction in trade matters with…[Read more]

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  • snowy posted an update 6 months ago

    I’m a fizzy drink addict. There, I’ve said it. I am addicted to Diet Coke/Pepsi and have a big glassful nearly every day. I know it’s not healthy but it’s my one weakness, ha ha.

    My husband wants to buy me a Soda Stream. They seem so ‘retro’ because I think I can remember them vaguely from childhood but we never owned one and all I drank in those…[Read more]

    • Emma replied 6 months ago

      We have one somewhere, used to use it to make fizzy water. The coke tastealike is an acquired taste. In your position Id buy cheap supermarket versions in those huge bottles if I wasn’t concerned about going a bit flat.

      • Thank you I was going to use the genuine post mix syrup that you can buy in a ‘bag in a box’ form online as I’m not keen on the supermarket versions, especially Waitrose, which is vile

        • Emma replied 6 months ago

          Ahh, that’s news to me. Might have to google that. Soda Stream fizzy water was cheaper than bottled when I was doing it and it saved having to lug heavy bottles home from the supermarket. It gets round the plastic bottle issue too.
          * disappears off to find the machine*

    • Our neighbors had one in the 60s and we were very envious. Then my dad got one for his G&Ts and whisky and soda, and I was allowed the cola mixer. I have no desire to get another.

    • We have one 🙂 OH likes fizzy water and he says its fab for that using our tap water at home. also occasionally used for emergency tonic! not sure what model it is, will look when I get home-no doubt he researched the backside out of it.

    • Kez replied 6 months ago

      I was recently thinking of getting one as I buy a lot of fizzy water. But they are so expensive and you have to buy their gas refills. Sort of went off the idea.

    • My son gave me one a few years ago to make soda water as I was mixing it with squash and fruit juice a lot, it worked really well and I still use it occasionally but I never bought the flavoured syrups for it so can’t comment on them.

    • I love mine, use it everyday to make fizzy water which I then add to normal squash. One gas canister lasts my 6 months which works out far cheaper than buying fizzy water plus it’s less plastic! Only thing I’d say is don’t put the bottles in the dishwasher! When they say on the label cool wash only they mean it lol

      mine is 3 or 4 years old now…[Read more]

    • amy replied 6 months ago

      Got mine from Argos, have a continuous supply of fizzy water in the fridge, sometimes dilute down fruit juice with it but mostly ice and lemon.

      On occasion whilst a student made fake champagne…………..one bottle of dry wine in soda stream bottle just add fizz

    • Thanks everyone I’ll definitely be buying the original Diet Coke syrup as I’m not keen on the supermarket versions as I said previously. What I really want to be able to do is make a glass of Coke every day that’s not too fizzy. I can’t drink it from a can as it’s much too gassy and I have to leave bottles open for a while before I can drink the…[Read more]

    • eee replied 6 months ago

      I have a Source in black and it’s brilliant. It looks smart on the surface and is very straight forward. I don’t use it daily but it’s nice for a change and I like being able to offer people another choice of drink as we don’t have much (water or tea really!)

      I mainly wanted to reduce my plastic waste too which it has done hugely!!

    • I bought a soda stream last year for fizzy water and fizzing up cheap wine – it does not work with wine. 🙄

      I am also a Diet Coke addict and genuinely have never thought of using the soda stream for that. I go through a lot of gas canisters with my two bottles of fizzy water a day habit so can’t imagine there are large economies of scale to be g…[Read more]

      • It does say not to fizz up anything other than water so naughty katie 😉

        I really want to try it in case I can make Diet Coke a bit less fizzy but I also like the eco element I have to admit.

        I’m glad I’m not the only self-confessed Diet Coke Head by the way

        p.s. I’ve just ordered the Fizzi Soda Stream and a big box of Diet Coke syrup so I hope…[Read more]

    • mike replied 6 months ago

      I wonder if those of you who drink a lot of Coke have ever dropped a coin into a glass of coke and left it for a short time, or used Coke to clean your lavatories. Just think, if it has that effect on metal/porcelain, what kind of effect will it have on your internal organs!

      • Yes, but I’m a hopeless addict 🙁

      • As a species we do all sorts of destructive things to our bodies – when I was a smoker I was incredibly aware of how dangerous it was as a habit not just to me, but addictions and habits are things that are very difficult to curb. The soda stream was something I purchased to try and curtail my Diet Coke intake and it’s worked to a degree as I…[Read more]

      • I know I should be ashamed of myself for drinking Diet Coke and that I should probably be even more ashamed for admitting to it publicly. Is this possibly the last remaining taboo in our society?

        However, in my defence I should probably say that I’m a lifelong non smoker, tee total, don’t use recreational drugs or engage in risky sexual…[Read more]

    • dave replied 6 months ago

      My parents had a Sodastream when I was a kid.

      I remember fizzing up a small bottle of tapwater, then putting a spoonful of concentrate into a glass, then pouring the now fizzy water into the glass… Invariably the concentrate would be used up and the sodastream would sit idle for months at a time. Then it would be that the last charge of gas…[Read more]

    • My friend has one. We were at her house the other night and we drank fizzy water all night just because we could! I now want one.

      I too drink more Diet Coke than I should and feel the same as you. It’s my only vice really so I can live with it. I drink occasionally but very little in reality and don’t do any of the other things you mention.

  • Nobert posted an update 6 months ago

    Samsung S7 / S6 etc basically how good are they?

    Have a Samsung Note 1 , B2710 Extreme and a broken TomTom.

    Am wondering weather to buy one of the above to replace at least two of the above. Will probably keep B2710 as outdoor phone if it keeps working. How good is Google maps to drive with replacing TomTom?

    Will probably get a Garmin as well…[Read more]

    • isac replied 6 months ago

      Google maps is perfectly adequate, but the Waze App is better (and allows you to stream spotify at the same time)
      Both are available on any android phone (including the Note you already have), so don’t feel tied to samsung

    • S7 user here. Its definitely the best phone I have owned, nice and fast with a very responsive screen. I use it for hours every day to read and edit word documents plus the usuall emails and phone calls.

      Google maps V Tom Tom. I preferred Tom Tom but I have used one for 20 years plus. A couple of lads I work with turned down a company provided…[Read more]

      • Hi My concern about using Google maps or any other new software is can it keep up if your driving fast? Used to do multi drop which is reason I bought a TomTom and only had 3 issues with it over many years.

        Have had a samsung phone for many years and they are reliable from my experience you could say im being conservative (with a small ‘c’)…[Read more]

    • mick replied 6 months ago

      im not especially fond of Samsung phones though. I like Moto G myself , or a Moto z

    • eee replied 6 months ago

      The biggest problem getting an older model is if apps get updated to the point they become incompatible/unsupported with your version of Android or too large for your phones memory. The latter point is especially problematic and a lot of apps can’t be transferred to an sd card. I personally wouldn’t buy any phone without at least 32gb internal…[Read more]

    • I’m still happily using my 5 year old S3. It’s only 3G, 16Gb, (& 32Gb microSD card) running Android 4.3, swappable battery etc. No problems at all running Google maps for sat-nav, even abroad. I don’t use many apps but those I do have run fine. I’ll probably upgrade in due course but only when I have to or feel the need to splurge. I reckon the…[Read more]

    • Kez replied 6 months ago

      S6 edge user here. Really like the phone, and the camera is excellent. The display on the edge is very nice, but I wouldn’t pay extra for it (the phone shop sold my S6 by mistake and gave me the edge for the same price).

      My old S2 has only just given up the ghost, and that was a great phone. Like the sound of the S4 active though.

    • I had a Galaxy S2 until it died and would have replaced it with an S6, but it wouldn’t take an SD card and I couldn’t wait for the S7 to come out, so I got a Sony Xperia Z5.

      Think I slightly preferred the Samsung interface, but I’ve not been disappointed with the Xperia, which arguably has a better camera.

      Check out Navmii for free sat nav that…[Read more]

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