• katie posted an update 6 months ago

    English language fish plurals.
    1: the plural is the same as the singular – e.g. cod, haddock, whiting, whitebait, herring, trout, perch, tench, pike, bream, halibut, tuna, barracuda, piranha, salmon

    2: the plural has an “s” e.g. sardines, anchovies, sharks, rays, eels, minnows

    What is the rule? It seems that apart from the eels, the rule is “if…[Read more]

    • eee replied 6 months ago

      Rule? This is English, don’t expect logic!

      • If the distribution were more random, I wouldn’t be considering the possibility of a rule! And yet, aside from the eels, in the examples I gave, just some species off the top of my head and I know there are outliers but in terms of what you generally picture when you think of these fish(es), there is a pattern!

    • It’s always been a tricky one, even with the word “fish” itself. According to one source, Shakespeare used “fish” as the plural eight times and “fishes” eleven times (Jonathan Hope, Shakespeare’s Grammar).

  • pablo posted an update 6 months ago

    Do you ever feel like somewhere is too posh or something is too nice for you. Is this a feeling anyone else gets?
    I’m flat hunting at the moment (only rental) and have booked to view a place which, asides from an ill-thought out tiny kitchen, is pretty much perfect. It’s a new build but done as a one off rather than part of a big development and…[Read more]

    • Yes you are being silly! If you love the place then snap it up and make it your home. Nothing is “too good” or “too posh” for you (I don’t just mean you, I mean each of us). If you genuinely like something and can afford it then have it.

      No idea re council tax, sorry

    • Yes, you are being silly! You deserve the best. So, if you can afford the new build, put a deposit on it quickly. You can put your own stamp on anywhere you live and can show your good taste through charity shop buys and other bargains, everything doesn’t have to be mismatched as in ‘doesn’t go together’. You just need to choose carefully.

    • eee replied 6 months ago

      Yes I agree with the others your being very silly. I know someone who can afford the very best of everything but delights in furnishing her home with ‘homemade’ shabby chic – nothing matches but she delights in showing people what she has rescued from skips and charity shops and then tarted up. Go for it put your own stamp on things.

    • We felt the same way when we viewed our current house! A beautiful Edwardian house with original tiled hall floor, high ceilings etc. We thought surely people like us can’t live in a place like this? But we bought it anyway and absolutely love it. Still don’t have any downstairs curtains in the living room but hey ho! One day!

      • Kez replied 6 months ago

        That’s like me! I bought a derelict Victorian house and did it up. I’d never have been able to afford it if it had been in England. I love it to bits but I still feel sometimes like I’m here under false pretences and one day someone is going to find me out

    • Noel replied 6 months ago

      We bought a house that I felt like that about. At first our furniture was swimming in it! Been here 19 years now, we have filled it!

      Go for it, as long as the council tax and heating bills etc are manageable.

    • You should definitely snap it up, (so long as it’s within your budget) and enjoy it. Why on earth shouldn’t you? Furnishing it your own way is what makes it your home and is really fun.
      I started out with all second hand furniture and carpets in my first homes and often checked skips and charity shops for items I could recycle, (and still do). I…[Read more]

    • You are being silly.
      If you love the place then go for it – actually if the fixtures and fittings are good quality then breathe a sigh of relief – you won’t be needing to replace them for ages (if ever).
      It’s not the cost of furniture that’s important – it’s the love and thought behind choosing those pieces that’s important. Everyone has…[Read more]

    • Thankyou everyone.
      We have a slightly unusual set of criteria for the house/flat and not the biggest budget ever given the area we are in. If we could stretch to another £200 a month it would be a lot easier to find something suitable, but we can’t and there has to be a line drawn somewhere, so we are having to look at things a bit differently…[Read more]

    • I think there’s a difference between wondering if it’s too good for you (which is rubbish, by the way ) and something which just isn’t going to work for you. A lovely cream carpet in the hall would feel like luxury to me, but it would be completely incompatible with my lifestyle aka im one dirty person.

      Equally, if you want matchy furniture, it’s…[Read more]

    • You don’t want things that match too well and make it look like a show room, I would find that uncomfortable. I’m in the process of decorating with a combination of second hand and OHs furniture and my random bits and pieces with a few quality new things to tie it all together and I think that makes it all the more lovely and personal. Also I bet…[Read more]

  • pablo posted an update 6 months ago

    I finally have a box for printer waste collection cartridges which has come through our stationary supplier but I am a bit confused as to whether we should be putting the cartridges in loose or retain them in their original packaging (we did this anyway whilst we stored the used ones in a cupboard awaiting our waste collection box). There are…[Read more]

  • Kylie posted an update 6 months ago

    How on earth do you claim benefits? Decided I would have to bite the bullet, and make a claim. Cash has run out, and I have bills to pay. What a nightmare! It’s taken me 3hrs to find the correct benefit, umpteen phone calls to useless desk jockeys, and a fair amount of swearing and tears.
    Have finally got the correct form online, and filled it in…[Read more]

    • Don’t struggle. Go straight to the job centre and they’ll help you.

    • Sadly the system is designed to be as difficult as possible imo I think the idea is to put as many people off as possible. What people never talk about, when discussing those who they perceive as claiming everything under the sun, is the amount of unclaimed benefit left in the system. This, in my experience, is because they make the system of…[Read more]

    • mick replied 6 months ago

      Citizens Advice are the best ones to help you. I sympathise with you OP. Although I have never claimed myself, I volunteer in my local food bank and the majority of people who come in say the reason they’re in is due to benefit problems. If a form is filled in wrong, or an appointment missed (even if the person was in intensive care) the benefits…[Read more]

      • I help out at Food Bank too. AND (a while back) considered becoming a Cits Advice “voluntary adviser” (i.e. unpaid!!) – the commitment they were expecting, one full day or two half days, was IMO way too much commitment to be fair for a volunteer, and the training was 10 weeks where you had to be prepared to commit to two half days either training…[Read more]

    • If it make you feel better..or not when I was only working a few hours a week due to illness (all I could manage) I claimed ESA.. the work i was doing got approved etc etc then a year later they decided It wasnt approved and I should pay all the money back I had received for a year!

      The stress and all the tears after receiving very threatening…[Read more]

    • Definitely go to CAB, they have paid for advisers to help, or its worth calling the Benefits Advice Team in the Council. Don’t struggle on alone, you will probably have a terrible time!

    • I’m amazed that people like my neighbour, who have so little intelligence can do so well out of the benefit system!
      A friend claimed housing benefit and not only did they make it impossible to navigate the forms etc, when she did go to the housing officer for help, they filled out the dates wrongly for her and she now has a huge overpayment to r…[Read more]

    • eee replied 6 months ago

      Ah yes, the benefit system. I have 2 opinions, 1 is that those who know how to work the system and make it work for them, are those that see benefit as an acceptable way of life. Opinion 2 is that they make it so complicated, those of us who hope we never have to use it, but occasionally fall on difficult times (which is what I thought the system…[Read more]

      • It’s awful! I think I’m reasonably intelligent, but just finding the right thing to apply for was confusing. Not helped by office workers who were as clueless as me! Couldn’t verify my ID, so had to book an appointment to go in and show them my driving license. Then I get another appointment to chat about my options! Because combining the two,…[Read more]

  • Sara J posted an update 6 months ago

    I was shopping in my favourite town when I entered an interesting looking shop.
    There were books about all sorts of Magic and spell casting.
    Lots of very macabre items, potions, herbs etc.
    I must say it was very tempting to buy something.
    Has anyone dabbled?
    Ever felt hexed?
    Is it dangerous do you think or a bit of harmless fun?

    • I used to work with a lady who kept very quiet about being a witch. We were working alone one day when the other staff hadn’t turned in and the subject came up. She seemed very knowledgeable but warned me its not the sort of thing to mess around with. She knew how to cast spells and had taken part in witches sabbots.

      I once read a really good…[Read more]

    • I read the Tarot cards, never been wrong.
      Does that count?

      • Yes it does Sweetie, you must have the gift.

        I sometimes think I have a curse on me MC.
        Something very odd happened when I lived in Africa involving a zebra’s head (without it’s body) I think some bad muti took place that affected my life.
        Anyway, I wish sometimes I could cast spells but I don’t think bad ones are allowed!

  • nev posted an update 6 months, 1 week ago

    SpaceX rocket was a hoax
    The image of the Tesla with a round earth behind it was, a good marketing hoax to sell cars, according to The Flat Earth Society.

    Are they serious in their beliefs, or just joshing and don’t know how to stop now?

    “Perhaps unsurprisingly, we’ve received many questions about the recent SpaceX launch, and the resultant “li…[Read more]

  • Columbo posted an update 6 months, 1 week ago

    Is the future of farming to be found in lorry containers for feeding massive cities?

    I can see the benefits of farming in confined spaces but the main cost was electricity. I can’t help feel that concept has been over complicated to needing huge amounts of energy and a need for solar power to keep costs down.

    Would it be too radical to grow in…[Read more]

    • What do you do when all the fields are full of skyscrapers?

      • Put fields on their roofs?

      • Maybe these containers could be put on rooftops as independent farmers/veg shops.

        It’s an interesting idea for colonisation in space. Would such a project work on the ISS?

    • There are all sorts of reasons why growing crops in fields is bad. These include:

      -Huge losses due to pests and diseases (and costs/ damage due to chemical treatment)

      -Water use efficiency. Not a problem in most parts of the UK, but globally a huge issue

      -Radiation use efficiency. Not necessarily a problem, but photosynthetic pigments only…[Read more]

    • This is a cool idea. You could even bury them underground in hot or cold climates and isolate the farm from harsh daily thermal cycling whilst still getting energy from the sun. All the more important as more and more regional climates go to hell.

      Eventually when low cost nuclear fusion is cracked (probably not soon…), you can then build very…[Read more]

  • nev posted an update 6 months, 1 week ago

    Why is it so hard to escape Earth’s gravity?
    This may be a stupid question to a rocket scientist, but i’d appreciate it if somebody could dumb down the science to help explain it to me.

    • Getting up there is relatively easy. But staying in orbit needs enormous sideways velocity; you need to be going so fast that rather than falling into the earth you miss it. There is an excellent way to think about this involving a really tall tower, and throwing a ball from it faster and faster – the ball lands further and further away, and…[Read more]

    • You need a certain force (the rocket) to lift whatever you want against gravity. But that also needs to lift itself so it needs to be bigger.

      Then add in the air resistance once it’s moving and you need a bit more rocket to overcome that resistance, and even more rocket as it moves faster as drag increases at the square of the increase in…[Read more]

    • Seems an odd question. You might as well ask why is it so hard to breathe underwater or why is Andromeda so far away.

      It’s not hard, or easy, it’s exactly as you would expect.

    • It isn’t as hard as people think – rockets are a very poor way of doing it. It comes down to the fact that you need rocket fuel and reaction mass to push the rocket, and you need more rocket fuel and reaction mass to push that rocket fuel etc etc.

      If there was a solid road to push against you wouldn’t need reaction mass, or reaction mass to…[Read more]

    • I think if you integrated the equation for potential energy to increase height above surface with respect to distance, g decreases, you would be surprised by the magnitude of energy required works surprise you, add to that the energy to burn to a velocity to keep orbit stable.

      Fuel is heavy.

      • Most of the energy is in forwards velocity, not height, for a stable orbit. Although the OP didn’t specifically refer to orbits.

        It’s not actually that much energy required. A quick estimate suggests the minimum energy required to put mass into geostationary orbit is about 60 MJ/kg or 16 kWH/kg, or about £2.50 worth of electricity at reta…[Read more]

    • It’s not gravity itself but the energy required to accelerate the payload and the initial but decreasing propellant mass up to the required velocity to achieve a more or less stable orbit, the point where instantaneous velocity and acceleration due to gravity reach a balance. remember the formula for kinetic energy includes V squared, so the…[Read more]

      • The energy required for a change in velocity also helps to understand why the Voyager missions were fly-by affairs rather than orbital insertion and long term study. At the speeds required to escape earth and, with the gravitational assistance of some of the planets, and at the eventual approach velocity there was never any question of something…[Read more]

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