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    Why you shouldn’t vote for Hillary Clinton

    Hillary Clinton Capitalizing on peoples suffering Hillary Clinton is taking us all for fools and her campaign is just based on liberal platitudes and is capitalizing on peoples suffering and emotions to get more votes. Have you noticed that Hillary Clitnon never really speaks about what she is going to do for the American people? […] More

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    R.I.P tHE lABOUR party

    At this years labour conference being held in Liverpool Jeremy Corbyn has said that the labour party represents 21st century socialism, in other words the labour party does not represent the working class people that helped create the party. In my opinion the labour party has become a party that disproportionately over-represent a few “trendy” […] More

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    jobcentre plus is evil

    The labour party created the job centre and the Tories perfected it! Here In the uk if you are a young person who has just left school and you don’t have a job then the government will do all it can to try to exploit you. If you go to the job centre don’t expect […] More