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    I have a Source in black and it’s brilliant. It looks smart on the surface and is very straight forward. I don’t use it daily but it’s nice for a change and I like being able to offer people another choice of drink as we don’t have much (water or tea really!)

    I mainly wanted to reduce my plastic waste too which it has done hugely!!

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    The biggest problem getting an older model is if apps get updated to the point they become incompatible/unsupported with your version of Android or too large for your phones memory. The latter point is especially problematic and a lot of apps can’t be transferred to an sd card. I personally wouldn’t buy any phone without at least 32gb internal…[Read more]

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    Rule? This is English, don’t expect logic!

    • If the distribution were more random, I wouldn’t be considering the possibility of a rule! And yet, aside from the eels, in the examples I gave, just some species off the top of my head and I know there are outliers but in terms of what you generally picture when you think of these fish(es), there is a pattern!

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    Yes I agree with the others your being very silly. I know someone who can afford the very best of everything but delights in furnishing her home with ‘homemade’ shabby chic – nothing matches but she delights in showing people what she has rescued from skips and charity shops and then tarted up. Go for it put your own stamp on things.

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    Ah yes, the benefit system. I have 2 opinions, 1 is that those who know how to work the system and make it work for them, are those that see benefit as an acceptable way of life. Opinion 2 is that they make it so complicated, those of us who hope we never have to use it, but occasionally fall on difficult times (which is what I thought the system…[Read more]

    • It’s awful! I think I’m reasonably intelligent, but just finding the right thing to apply for was confusing. Not helped by office workers who were as clueless as me! Couldn’t verify my ID, so had to book an appointment to go in and show them my driving license. Then I get another appointment to chat about my options! Because combining the two,…[Read more]