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Buyer guide of the best possible insoles for foot pain!

Foot pain getting you down? Then why not buy some new insoles theycan make heck of a big difference!

Picking the right insoles is essential not just for protecting your feet from damage but also the rest of your body too. This is because your feet support your entire body. This is because if you have a biomechanical imbalances which can cause excessive strain on bones, ligaments and tendons in your feet, then this can cause your biomechanical imbalances in your whole body aswell.

There are so many different insoles that you can buy it is quite easy to get overwhelmed so I have created this list of the very bets insoles to buy that should get you on the right track!

1. Plantar fasciitis insoles

First on my list are Plantar fasciitis insoles, theses insoles have been designed for people who suffer from plantar fasciitis but are perfect for anyone who is wanting to look after there feet.

Plantar fasciitis is when the plantar fascia of your foot become inflammation due to excessive strain. To help prevent this strain from occurring and to help aid with the recovery of your plantar fascia plantar fasciitis insoles have been designed with the very best arch support which helps to keep. Not only do these insoles provide the arch support help to keep strain off your arches and but they also help to position your foot in a more natural position whilst standing and walking helping to ease other foot problems and injuries as well. There are lots of different plantar fasciitis insoles to choose from but the best ones in my opinion which offer the best and most rigid arch support that your feet need are from Nuovahealth.


-Best insoles for flat feet and high arches that you can buy.
-The best arch support comes form these insoles.
-Helps treat and prevent plantar fasciitis and other foot injuries.
-Helps correct your gait and other biomechanical imbalances that could lead to foot injuries.

2.Running/sports insoles are great for.... you guessed it sports and running!

Next on my list are sports insoles. Sports insoles are specially designed for athletes and runners and are meant to help reduce shock and pressure on the feet when you run. Absorbing shock is extremely important as even the most tiniest shocks can cause micro damage to ligaments through out your body such as your your patellar tendon  found in your knee. Persistent shocks over a long period can cause this micro damage to become more and more severe and can lead to injuries such as Patellar Tendonitis. A good pair of Sports insoles should help to stop this shock from causing damage and improve the position of your feet when you run helping you to run more efficiently and in a way that will decrease stress on your feet and lower limbs. Sports insoles are often made to be extremely light weight and are often made out of breathable EVA material to keep your feet feeling cool and dry when playing sports. EVA is also used as it is a very good shock absorber and is very flexible.. making it perfect for a pair of insoles. If you are struggling to find a place that sells good running/sports insoles a good place to start would be Edunonline which has a wide range of really good quality insoles!

-Lightweight and can easily be fitted into any type of sports or running shoes
-Provides arch support.
-Absorb shock!

-Lots of dodgy brands calling themselves sports insoles when they are not.

3.Standing around on your feet all day? Get some Massaging gel insoles!

If you do not have plantar fasciitis or do not play sports then another good option to consider are massaging gel insoles. Massaging gel insoles are perfect if you are on your feet all day and get tired aching feet. Massaging gel insoles mould to the exact contours of your feet, supporting and massaging them. Massaging gel insoles are excellent at spreading the pressure that can build up underneath your feet from standing around on them all day which really does help get rid of heel pain!

-Extremely comfortable and gives your feet a mini massage.
-Perfect if you are standing around all day on your feet.
-Stop pressure from building up underneath your heels.
-Relatively inexpensive

-Do not provide proper arch support

These insoles do not correct biomechanical imbalances and thus no good for injury prevention or treatment

5.If your high heels hurt then get some gel high heel insoles

If you wear high heels a lot then this can overtime damage your feet in a number of different ways however a pair of gel insoles that you can places inside your high heels can help. High heel insoles also will often use heel grip technology to grip your heels to the soles of your shoes helping to stabilize your foot in your heel and stop your from slipping or twisting your foot or ankle whilst wearing your high heels. There are a number of different places to buy high heel insoles but my favourite place to buy them are from Shoewawa who have some really great gel ones and a really great blog all about foot care and looking after your feet in high heels!

-Very cheap
-Stabilizes your feet inside your high heels and stops them from slipping around

-Wearing high heels will always damage your feet and high heel insoles only offer limited shock absorption and support.

If you want to increase you height then try some height increasing insoles!

Just for fun I thought I would add these to the list. Height increasing insoles are do exactly what the name suggests, they increase your height. You simply put the insoles in your shoes and using a stack system you can increase or decrease the height of your heel making you look taller. Height increasing insoles are hidden inside your shoes and thus are really discrete and so nobody will know that you are wearing them. There are lots of different height increasing insoles that you can buy but the best ones are from a site called HeightBoosters which have some really COMFORTABLE ones that have inbuilt arch support and shock absorption properties to help look after your feet whilst you wear them.


-Makes you 1-3inches taller depending on which ones you buy.
-Come in a range of different sizes and makes to fit any sort of shoe you can think of.
-Only cost around £10


-Although some makes are comfortable some that I have tried have been really uncomfortable and hurt my feet when wearing them.

6.What about custom insoles?

You may be tempted to buy some custominsoles. However I would not recommend these, I say this becausecustom insoles will only support your feet in the position that iscausing your foot problems. Custom insoles can also provide too mucharch support and make your feet reliant on them because your feetwill weaken and not be able to support themselves! Furthermore custominsoles are extremely expensive and just not worth the money!