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    Site 5 isn’t the only rubbish host around I’m actually having problem with my webhosting at the moment too.. all I can say is avoid Tech hosts as they are totally naff! For one you cannot use ftp at all most of the time because you just get blocked with “421 Too many connections (8) from this IP” and if that wasn’t enough they put these stupid low…[Read more]

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    I’m glad about this. Google should just stop being greedy and stick to what it is.. a search engine and leave making cars to the professionals. Anyway I know that I would and can imagine everyone else would much rather buy a proper car like bmw make rather than just some dumb google car.

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    I logged into outlook today to be greeted with this stupid message telling me that I have until 5 days to verify my account using my mobile phone else I will be locked out of my account. The whole reason I started using outlook was because google with gmail started to lock me out of my account until I am able to verify my account with a…

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    • I hate it when that happens… thats why I ended up hosting my own email on my own domain instead… but you have to be careful that you make sure your hosting is super secure as you do not want to get hacked because if you do then the hacker will have access to all your emails.

    • Do not worry this happened to me once. All you have to do is slect cannot log into my account and then instead of using a mobile phone for security checks get another email somewhere else and use that for your security check instead and outlook should let you change it and then all you do is verify it and you should get locked out of your…[Read more]