• greg posted an update 2 years, 4 months ago

    I logged into outlook today to be greeted with this stupid message telling me that I have until 5 days to verify my account using my mobile phone else I will be locked out of my account. The whole reason I started using outlook was because google with gmail started to lock me out of my account until I am able to verify my account with a mobile…… The whole thing is just stupid… as I can still use my email for 5 more days but after that I am locked out? So if I was a hacker I would be able to steal all the data I needed within those 5 days anyway so this kind of makes the whole its for security purposes kind of pointless……. instead this is just designed to find out even more about you and to spy on you better. I hate these big companies turns out now that there aren’t any real email providers that aren’t huge companies trying to just spy on you.
    • I hate it when that happens… thats why I ended up hosting my own email on my own domain instead… but you have to be careful that you make sure your hosting is super secure as you do not want to get hacked because if you do then the hacker will have access to all your emails.

    • Do not worry this happened to me once. All you have to do is slect cannot log into my account and then instead of using a mobile phone for security checks get another email somewhere else and use that for your security check instead and outlook should let you change it and then all you do is verify it and you should get locked out of your account.. The same cannot be said for google however because you have to verify your phone no matter what if you get locked out with them.. google doesn’t care if you loose all your important emails and stuff.