• james posted an update 2 years, 3 months ago

    After watching Piers Morgan interviewing Donald Trump last night I am convinced now that trump is the right person to be president for the United States… because when Piers Morgan asked him whether Britain should remain in the Eu or leave Donald Trump said that he thinks that yes Britain should leave especially after the recent incidents in the Europe but he also said that it was down to the British people to decide! So unlike Obama Donald trump actually respects our democracy here in Britain!! Donald also said that with him as president Britain and the US would have an even better relationship!

    • I watched that as well.. I really don’t know why people are always having a go at Donald Trump because he seems honest enough and at least with him.. what you see is what you get! He is funding his own campaign and isn’t being influenced like Hilary flaming Clinton by massive cooperation’s through lobby money.