• james posted an update 1 year, 4 months ago

    It really is hit and miss when it comes to themes from themeforest. Recently I bought a theme called Nrgnetwork created by themeton and all I can say is that it was a complete waste of money. This theme is just not fit for purpose for example it boasts a frontend posting feature that is extremely fragmented and impossible for users to use properly.. plus it uses it own odd login and sign up feature that does not support anti spam features such as wangguard to stop spammers from just signing up and ruining your site.. it is just unusable… but not only that the support is non existent. The theme has had over 260 sales and lots of people have posted for help via the themeforest comment section for the theme and have just been blatantly ignored! This isnt the first time that I have been burnt after buying a theme from themeforest another theme that I bought called The Dynamic High performance wordpress theme from themforest from some guys called DFDevelopment tunred out to be complete and utter trash.. but not only that I can no longer download the theme from themeforest anymore because either themeforest or the authors have took it down.. all that it says now when I click on it is “Item no longer available”.. so that was a big waste of money. In fact most of the themes I buy from themeforest are just a big waste of money because as I am always buying themes think that they are going to be great only to find out that the theme is hugely dependent on visual composer… and professional big images and that at the end of the day all that I am left with is just a menu with montserrat font and a blank white screen! My new strategy when buying themes is to make sure a) they are not reliant on visual composer and b) to use image block firefox plugin to block all the big fancy images from the theme to see what I am really buying!

    • I agree there are a lot of really bad themes on themeforest but there are also lots of really good themes (usually the best sellers)… which are maintained and updated quite a lot. Id rather themeforest/codecanyon was around than it not being because when you buy a theme or plugin at least the stuff is cheap there and gets updates for security and compatibility reasons. I have seen lots of theme and plugin sellers who sell exclusively on their own site change $99 dollars a year for their stuff…