• james posted an update 2 years, 4 months ago

    Here is something I have been working on!
    • Hey that is pretty good! Did you do this using a tablet?

    • Yes I use a wacom cintiq 27qhd, it cost me £1500+ and has more or less bankrupted me just about but it is so good as it allows me to draw so much detail because of how big it is plus it beats the Intuos tablets because you actually drawing on the screen!

    • Awesome! Do you need a super fast computer though to run the Cintiq on? I can imagine that my computer would lag like crazy if I plugged in something like that!

    • No not at all… I have a really rubbish Lenovo computer (cannot even play games that are 10 years old on it) and the cinitq doesn’t lag… the only time it does lag is if the whole computer is lagging which I often get if I am working on something big on photoshop (ie dpi 300 and a3 size)… also because my computer is cpu based and there are other programs running it can cause lag too. I hope this helps 🙂