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    Watched a documentary recently and it got me thinking….Are there really aliens out there or are we really all alone? The Fermi paradox came about after Enrico Fermi a leading physicists once famously asked where is everybody? The Fermi paradox is based upon the extremely high probability of there being alien life in the universe according to the Drake equation however we haven’t been visited by any aliens.

    You cannot argue with the maths behind the Fermi paradox after all Fermi states that there are at least 1 billion stars in our galaxy alone that are similar to our sun therefore it isn’t too far fetched to assume that a percentage of these stars will have life supporting planets and a percentage of these life supporting planets will also have intelligent life forms living on them and because some of these stars are billions of years older than our sun surely the intelligent life on these planets will have had a head start and would have developed advanced technology which we would probably see the effects of such as weird bursts of radiation and radio waves beaming across the galaxy. YET WE DON’T! According to the Rare Earth hypothesis the conditions and circumstances found that created life on earth are

    One of the theories as to why this might be the case is the Rare earth hypothesis.. which says that earth is a once in a galaxy place where just the right condition were met to support and sustain life with out it being destroyed in some way. There are so many things that went right here on earth that has helped sustain life, from the formation of our moon that is just the right size and distance away from the earth to slightly alter the earths axis in a way that creates our calm seasons for instance if the earths seasons were chaotic at best life would not be able to properly evolve because natural selection would not work as natural selection needs a consistent environment to thrive in otherwise adaptions would be made and lost within the chaotic seasons coming and going,
    Something else that helps keep life going is the earth magnetic filed that helps to deflect solar winds (deadly radiation coming from the sun) from killing us all and to to mention our tectonic plates that help to regulate earths temperature through volcanic eruptions which gush out enough carbon dioxide to keep our earth temperature just right.
    it really does make you wonder if earth really is a unique phenomenon!

    Not only is the earth just the right distance from the sun but it is also just the right distance from the center of our galaxy. Being in the right spot in the galaxy is needed for life to develop as being too far away from the galactic center the star metallicity which is needed for the formation of planets begins to decline whilst being to close exposes you to harsh x-ray and gamma rays being emitted from the black hole in the center of the galaxy also the density around the center of the galaxy of stars is far greater to the center of the galaxy.

    There is a problem with the rare earth hypothesis and that is that it is based upon the assumption that life can only develop in earth like conditions… It has been proven time and and time again that bacteria can survive in the most harshest places in the world.. and even out of this world as a group of scientists discovered recently through putting bacteria on the outside of the international space station and discovering that some bacteria was bale to survive even in the vacuum of space.