• james posted an update 1 year, 8 months ago

    If you vote to stay in the EU you really do not deserve democracy.. Do we really want to live in a country were all our laws are made by bureaucrats we don’t even know or voted for in Brussels? DON’T THROW OUR DEMOCRACY AWAY! But saying that I have a funny feeling people will throw our democracy away and our freedom will slowly be taken away from us all because we are getting blackmailed and bullied into staying by the establishment..

    I cannot turn on the tv nowadays without hearing more propaganda from the establishment about how awful all our lives would be if we voted to leave the EU! All of the gibberish that we would be pushed into another recession and that we would be £1000 of pounds poorer if we left is baseless and is just a tactic to scare us to stay in.. the stay campaign can only use scare mongering like this because it cannot focus on the real benefits from us staying in the EU system because their aren’t any! The real reason David Cameron and George Osbourne want to stay in the EU is that their just puppets of the big businesses.. these guys do not care one bit about our country all they care about is money! The only ones to really benefit from us being in the EU are big TAX AVOIDING company’s that like to exploit the cheap labor the EU provide and like to divert profits to places like Ireland to avoid paying their fair share of cooperation tax something EU laws allow.