• james posted an update 2 years, 1 month ago

    Google is the US government!
    Scumbag Matt Cutts has a new job! He is now working for the pentagon. If you do not know who Matt Cutts is then let me tell you he used to work for Google as their head of “spam”.. in other words his job was too censor peoples websites that do not meet googles criteria from google in an effort to force them to buy adwords (or just to be complete pigs) and this guy took a sadistic pleasure out of doing so as he wouldn’t just destroy peoples sites he would then would mock and taunt people on twitter and would say things like he wants to “break peoples spirits”. So it isn’t really that surprising that this control freak has now moved to the pentagon to play war games and fly drones around in other countries dropping bombs on whoever he thinks deserves to die.

    A lot of Googler scumbags after they leave google or even when their still at google end up getting a top government jobs for example Eric Schmidt one of the top bosses at google also works at the pentagon as an advisor to feed his lust for power and domination over other peoples lives.