• james posted an update 1 year, 10 months ago

    The government has announced that it is going to help amazon with their drone project by allowing amazon to fly their drones in the Uk. I think this absolutely ridiculous and this just proves it to me that our UK government is more concerned about helping big companies (filling their own pockets with dodgy deals) than helping its own people! Why couldn’t the Uk government instead help a small Uk businesses with developing a drone delivery system rather than helping a huge American cooperation that is already killing off small uk businesses with its greedy monopoly?? Why should amazon who do not even pay their fair share of tax be rewarded by the government like this? It doesn’t make any sense…. oh no wait sorry our Tory government is just corrupt.

    • I agree the Tory government are not for the people they are against the people! This whole pie in the sky drone project is just stupid anyway and will never happen because there are simply way to many things that could go wrong and amazon is only doing it so everyone keeps on talking about amazon.. ITS JUST A PR STUNT!!!! THAT IS NOW GOING TO COST THE UK TAX PAYER MONEY.
      The day Amazon goes out of business the better I say as Amazon has done a lot to help destroy the high street and even the businesses who then had to move onto amazon to sell their goods only for amazon to poach their products and take all their profits.