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    I am currently reading a book where someone is supposed to have committed suicide with a shotgun and the post-mortem said death was due to a bullet wound.

    Um, surely death by shotgun would have blown someone’s head off? I can’t see how someone could place a shotgun to their owm head and pull the trigger. I think it is possible to get bullets for shotguns, but you need a firearms certificate for those, and I only knew that after doing a bit of research as I wasn’t aware that there WERE bullets for shotguns no matter that they would be hard to get hold of.

    Also in the UK don’t you need a shotgun certificate before buying a gun?

    Of course criminals and the like wouldn’t worry about rules and regulations.

    I am right, or does the author know more than me about guns?

    • When I was a kid there was a local farmer with a good portion of his face missing-he’s tried to kill himself after the death of his wife, using a shotgun. so it doesnt necessarily blow their head off. Kurt Cobain also used a shotgun-so it can also be successful! can’t answer the rest of your questions though.

    • Bullets for shotguns? Different gauges of cartridges yes – and a shotgun can do a lot of damage or not a lot, depending on a lot of things. Sadly there is a high suicide rate among farmers, and it is often the method of choice. I think your author is mistaken, but someone else may know different!

    • You do need a shotgun licence to own one. I have to have one for my re-enactment musket, along with a black powder licence


      Have a look at where the author isn’t from, I’ve found a shocking lack of research from authors in general but perticularly for the US authors who seem to assume everything is like wherever they are from.
      I once read a story about kids in a UK school and it was almost unreadable, with all the “home room” sessions, cheerleading squads, GPA’s and other things that you just don’t see in UK schools

    • You can get solid shotgun slugs. But you would need a shot gun certificate to hold the gun and purchase the ammunition.
      Some shotguns have a very light trigger I know me dads skeet gun does and you can actually trigger both barrels at once if you’re a bit heavy handed.
      As to the mechanics I believe often sitting in a chair, shoes off and using the toes to operate the trigger having placed the barrel in the mouth is often a favoured method. 🙁

    • Damage would depend on the distance, choke, bore, cartridge etc. Entry and exit wounds I have seen on animals can vary.
      A close family member took their own life with a shotgun. They used a vice and a peg they had made for the purpose.

      There are a lot of thefts of legally held shotguns here as guns in general are very hard to get hold of, they can be modified into sawn-offs, and they are harder to trace/link to crimes than other types of gun.

    • There are lots of cases where people have tried to commit suicide with a shotgun or even just a simple hand gun and failed.. leaving them horribly disfigured. Not nice at all 🙁