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    S7 user here. Its definitely the best phone I have owned, nice and fast with a very responsive screen. I use it for hours every day to read and edit word documents plus the usuall emails and phone calls.

    Google maps V Tom Tom. I preferred Tom Tom but I have used one for 20 years plus. A couple of lads I work with turned down a company provided…[Read more]

    • Hi My concern about using Google maps or any other new software is can it keep up if your driving fast? Used to do multi drop which is reason I bought a TomTom and only had 3 issues with it over many years.

      Have had a samsung phone for many years and they are reliable from my experience you could say im being conservative (with a small ‘c’)…[Read more]

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    I think there’s a difference between wondering if it’s too good for you (which is rubbish, by the way ) and something which just isn’t going to work for you. A lovely cream carpet in the hall would feel like luxury to me, but it would be completely incompatible with my lifestyle aka im one dirty person.

    Equally, if you want matchy furniture, it’s…[Read more]

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    You need a certain force (the rocket) to lift whatever you want against gravity. But that also needs to lift itself so it needs to be bigger.

    Then add in the air resistance once it’s moving and you need a bit more rocket to overcome that resistance, and even more rocket as it moves faster as drag increases at the square of the increase in…[Read more]