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    I think that the path to success is happiness. Why do we go to college? To feel happy we achieved something and feel good about getting a job. Money? Well.. if you have lots of money you are happy and things go well, if you don’t then you are sad and things go not so well.

    And just in General a happy person that just lives day to day bein’ hap…[Read more]

    • Money does not bring happiness. Happiness can bring money. Money bring struggles, money brings tension, money amplifies the person you are. If you are a prick you are going to be an even bigger prick with money, if you are giving you are going to be even more giving with money, if you don’t know how to control your money you will have lots of toys…[Read more]

      • This is a good, motivating post. But how can happines bring you money if you do nothing?

        The problem of rock starts and actors is in the fact that they can’t control themselves with a bit amount of money.. that’s another question

        • Doing nothing is not an option, you have to do something. At that something should be what you are passionate about. You can’t be happy in a card board box and expect the world to just give you stuff because you exist, some people will give to you and you might find a few that are extremely generous…but at the end of the day doing nothing…[Read more]

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    You can get solid shotgun slugs. But you would need a shot gun certificate to hold the gun and purchase the ammunition.
    Some shotguns have a very light trigger I know me dads skeet gun does and you can actually trigger both barrels at once if you’re a bit heavy handed.
    As to the mechanics I believe often sitting in a chair, shoes off and using the…[Read more]

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    im not especially fond of Samsung phones though. I like Moto G myself , or a Moto z

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    Citizens Advice are the best ones to help you. I sympathise with you OP. Although I have never claimed myself, I volunteer in my local food bank and the majority of people who come in say the reason they’re in is due to benefit problems. If a form is filled in wrong, or an appointment missed (even if the person was in intensive care) the benefits…[Read more]

    • I help out at Food Bank too. AND (a while back) considered becoming a Cits Advice “voluntary adviser” (i.e. unpaid!!) – the commitment they were expecting, one full day or two half days, was IMO way too much commitment to be fair for a volunteer, and the training was 10 weeks where you had to be prepared to commit to two half days either training…[Read more]