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    Okay my fellow Retaggr’s, let’s sit by the fireside and have a real conversation. Life, what is it all about? I was having a conversation with a college educated friend of mine and I figured I would bring the conversation to Retaggr. The road to success has many bumps and turns and the outcome isn’t always guaranteed.

    What do you believe the best way to success is? Do you think you need to be college educated? Is it all about money? One thing we can all agree on is that we work so we can take care of our families and or ourselves. The American Dream, well part of it, I have noticed is to go to college, get a nice education and a comfy career. What happens in times like these when the most qualified individuals are left without a job?

    Now if it’s all about money, no one really needs a college education if you hustle the right way. Personal example; I was 22 years old when I started making 60k a year working 5 hours a day. I took that money and invested in FOREX and was able to not only take care of myself, but also my mother in a different state. Anyway, just rambling on, what are your thoughts?

    • Well, things in Brazil are a little bit different.

      I have graduated friends that don’t have a job not even an internship. It’s really worrying.

      I was lucky to get my first job as a support analyst without my degree in college, in a big company which is part of a German insurance group. Now I’m graduated and about to be promoted to manage the Infrastructure department. I’m 23 old and to me it’s amazing to be young and have a nice job/career.

      I agree with you, no one really needs a college education, but it all depends the path you want to take.

    • I think that the path to success is happiness. Why do we go to college? To feel happy we achieved something and feel good about getting a job. Money? Well.. if you have lots of money you are happy and things go well, if you don’t then you are sad and things go not so well.

      And just in General a happy person that just lives day to day bein’ happy.. will do far better than someone who is upset, stressed, sad and unable to focus on life. Usually I am in the “happy” boat, but due to personal reasons I’m not right now and I do find it tough to wake up and go to work in the morning. If you go into life excited and happy you succeed.

      • Money does not bring happiness. Happiness can bring money. Money bring struggles, money brings tension, money amplifies the person you are. If you are a prick you are going to be an even bigger prick with money, if you are giving you are going to be even more giving with money, if you don’t know how to control your money you will have lots of toys you wouldn’t be able to afford normally and still have nothing in the bank (most rock stars and has been actors fall into this category if you are looking for examples). If you are happy and you know 100% what you want to do, look at any successful business, money will come to you.

        • This is a good, motivating post. But how can happines bring you money if you do nothing?

          The problem of rock starts and actors is in the fact that they can’t control themselves with a bit amount of money.. that’s another question

          • Doing nothing is not an option, you have to do something. At that something should be what you are passionate about. You can’t be happy in a card board box and expect the world to just give you stuff because you exist, some people will give to you and you might find a few that are extremely generous…but at the end of the day doing nothing puts you onto the streets and in a cardboard box. If you read through my post, it didn’t say anything about doing nothing…the final statement stated you had to do something as by looking at a successful business.

            As for actors and musicians or anyone who comes into a lot of money, they spend it not considering that it may end or they aren’t watching it. I blame this on never being taught about money and the fact that they know nothing about it as well as the possibility of the end of money flow. There is such a thing as being too generous or wanting/getting too much stuff. It is one thing to indulge occasionally it is another to constantly indulge and being financially “nice” to your entourage. You can’t save the world on a few million dollars, to an individual that is great to the population it takes many trillions (look at how in debt the government is, they make billions and can’t cover their debts)…mc hammer was very nice to his friends and family, he is worthless now.