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    I love mine, use it everyday to make fizzy water which I then add to normal squash. One gas canister lasts my 6 months which works out far cheaper than buying fizzy water plus it’s less plastic! Only thing I’d say is don’t put the bottles in the dishwasher! When they say on the label cool wash only they mean it lol

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    I had a Galaxy S2 until it died and would have replaced it with an S6, but it wouldn’t take an SD card and I couldn’t wait for the S7 to come out, so I got a Sony Xperia Z5.

    Think I slightly preferred the Samsung interface, but I’ve not been disappointed with the Xperia, which arguably has a better camera.

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    We felt the same way when we viewed our current house! A beautiful Edwardian house with original tiled hall floor, high ceilings etc. We thought surely people like us can’t live in a place like this? But we bought it anyway and absolutely love it. Still don’t have any downstairs curtains in the living room but hey ho! One day!

    • That’s like me! I bought a derelict Victorian house and did it up. I’d never have been able to afford it if it had been in England. I love it to bits but I still feel sometimes like I’m here under false pretences and one day someone is going to find me out