• Nobert posted an update 6 months ago

    Samsung S7 / S6 etc basically how good are they?

    Have a Samsung Note 1 , B2710 Extreme and a broken TomTom.

    Am wondering weather to buy one of the above to replace at least two of the above. Will probably keep B2710 as outdoor phone if it keeps working. How good is Google maps to drive with replacing TomTom?

    Will probably get a Garmin as well as cant rely on phone for back up navigation from my research.

    Many thanks in advance.

    • isac replied 6 months ago

      Google maps is perfectly adequate, but the Waze App is better (and allows you to stream spotify at the same time)
      Both are available on any android phone (including the Note you already have), so don’t feel tied to samsung

    • S7 user here. Its definitely the best phone I have owned, nice and fast with a very responsive screen. I use it for hours every day to read and edit word documents plus the usuall emails and phone calls.

      Google maps V Tom Tom. I preferred Tom Tom but I have used one for 20 years plus. A couple of lads I work with turned down a company provided Tom Tom because they prefer Google maps. Make of that what you will.

      • Hi My concern about using Google maps or any other new software is can it keep up if your driving fast? Used to do multi drop which is reason I bought a TomTom and only had 3 issues with it over many years.

        Have had a samsung phone for many years and they are reliable from my experience you could say im being conservative (with a small ‘c’) but that’s what alot of folks do. Because they find it works!!

    • mick replied 6 months ago

      im not especially fond of Samsung phones though. I like Moto G myself , or a Moto z

    • eee replied 6 months ago

      The biggest problem getting an older model is if apps get updated to the point they become incompatible/unsupported with your version of Android or too large for your phones memory. The latter point is especially problematic and a lot of apps can’t be transferred to an sd card. I personally wouldn’t buy any phone without at least 32gb internal memory now, even for light use. For normal smartphone use and good future-proofing I think you need 64gb. I’ve just paid extra for a new phone myself to get this…

    • I’m still happily using my 5 year old S3. It’s only 3G, 16Gb, (& 32Gb microSD card) running Android 4.3, swappable battery etc. No problems at all running Google maps for sat-nav, even abroad. I don’t use many apps but those I do have run fine. I’ll probably upgrade in due course but only when I have to or feel the need to splurge. I reckon the screen still has better IQ than many new phones out there.

    • Kez replied 6 months ago

      S6 edge user here. Really like the phone, and the camera is excellent. The display on the edge is very nice, but I wouldn’t pay extra for it (the phone shop sold my S6 by mistake and gave me the edge for the same price).

      My old S2 has only just given up the ghost, and that was a great phone. Like the sound of the S4 active though.

    • I had a Galaxy S2 until it died and would have replaced it with an S6, but it wouldn’t take an SD card and I couldn’t wait for the S7 to come out, so I got a Sony Xperia Z5.

      Think I slightly preferred the Samsung interface, but I’ve not been disappointed with the Xperia, which arguably has a better camera.

      Check out Navmii for free sat nav that doesn’t burn your data, as it can be used off-line.