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    Why did 17 m people vote to leave.?

    Surely, the £350 million on the bus can’t have been that convincing?

    And why given the level of debate since the referendum haven’t millions of people realized that they’ve been deceived and are why aren’t they now clamouring to remain?

    • I think there were very many reasons why 17m voted Leave, some actually more connected with the EU than others, but it is a bit disingenuous now to say, as Leave leaders have, that the £350m figure was not an important factor. Presumably its total irrelevance explains why they put it on the side of their bus and were constantly photographed and interviewed standing in front of it.

      There certainly is evidence that Leavers are now switching to Remain though the actual numbers are hard to assess. I would not predict a landslide either way if the vote were held today but then again it was a narrow margin last time so not that many people need to alter their position for the verdict to change. That would undoubtedly produce howls of outrage from Leavers just as the current position has left Remainers deeply embittered. Either way I doubt this rift will be healed in my lifetime so we might as well be a richer divided country that can afford to pay for public services than be a poorer one that cannot.

    • The £350 million on the bus and the whole Leave campaign might have convinced some people to vote leave but I think that most people had either made up their minds about the EU before any debate began or voted leave just to annoy the politicians.

      In order to broaden my right wing, nationalist outlook I have taken to reading other papers than the Daily Mail and found this –


      No matter what happens the nation will be divided.

      I do feel that those divisions, not all of them aimed at the EU, have existed and simmered away for many years, only becoming obvious and given a voice in the referendum. Nothing I’ve seen in a vision of the future by either leavers or remainers seeks to address those issues.

      I wish that remaining in the EU would give us the money to pay for public services but fear that the politicians, once again, won’t deliver on their promises.

    • It has been ingrained in certain areas of the media over the last 20 years that the EU is a bureaucratic deadweight holding the UK back, some people will believe this even if the evidence is right in front of them.

      I personals know a person who voted brexit who lives and works in north wales who works in a German owned factory which was funded by EU regional grants his job came about because of the EU! Each day he drives past a blue sign with stars in an area in which there are many of these.

      we talk about the poor old UK being a net contributor but regionally there are many areas that are net recipients of EU money.

      we don’t like to admit it but some areas such as the NE, SW and wales have economies more in line with the former Eastern European countries.

      Apart from those economies are growing and our regions are stagnating.

      I can’t answer how propaganda works on individuals and their seemingly self harming decisions but this route is really going to hurt the regions that voted for brexit.