• pablo posted an update 6 months ago

    Do you ever feel like somewhere is too posh or something is too nice for you. Is this a feeling anyone else gets?
    I’m flat hunting at the moment (only rental) and have booked to view a place which, asides from an ill-thought out tiny kitchen, is pretty much perfect. It’s a new build but done as a one off rather than part of a big development and has been really tastefully (imo) finished. However it almost feels like it’s too nice for us? It will be our first home so curtains and furniture will almost certainly be cheap/second hand to get us started but it doesn’t feel right to be thinking of putting mis matched items in there if that’s all we can find/afford. I’m a bit the same if I get a fancy hire car at work, I can’t envisage having anything newer/nicer than trusty Lara-zara, my 10 year old Astra!
    Am I just being silly, is it just me?!

    (Also, as an aside, as a new build it hasn’t been assigned a council tax band yet, does anyone know how this works/how long it takes?)

    • Yes you are being silly! If you love the place then snap it up and make it your home. Nothing is “too good” or “too posh” for you (I don’t just mean you, I mean each of us). If you genuinely like something and can afford it then have it.

      No idea re council tax, sorry

    • Yes, you are being silly! You deserve the best. So, if you can afford the new build, put a deposit on it quickly. You can put your own stamp on anywhere you live and can show your good taste through charity shop buys and other bargains, everything doesn’t have to be mismatched as in ‘doesn’t go together’. You just need to choose carefully.

    • eee replied 6 months ago

      Yes I agree with the others your being very silly. I know someone who can afford the very best of everything but delights in furnishing her home with ‘homemade’ shabby chic – nothing matches but she delights in showing people what she has rescued from skips and charity shops and then tarted up. Go for it put your own stamp on things.

    • We felt the same way when we viewed our current house! A beautiful Edwardian house with original tiled hall floor, high ceilings etc. We thought surely people like us can’t live in a place like this? But we bought it anyway and absolutely love it. Still don’t have any downstairs curtains in the living room but hey ho! One day!

      • Kez replied 6 months ago

        That’s like me! I bought a derelict Victorian house and did it up. I’d never have been able to afford it if it had been in England. I love it to bits but I still feel sometimes like I’m here under false pretences and one day someone is going to find me out

    • Noel replied 6 months ago

      We bought a house that I felt like that about. At first our furniture was swimming in it! Been here 19 years now, we have filled it!

      Go for it, as long as the council tax and heating bills etc are manageable.

    • You should definitely snap it up, (so long as it’s within your budget) and enjoy it. Why on earth shouldn’t you? Furnishing it your own way is what makes it your home and is really fun.
      I started out with all second hand furniture and carpets in my first homes and often checked skips and charity shops for items I could recycle, (and still do). I practically furnished a complete house with some fabulous auction bargains and I once even rented an executive property with 3 acres, 4 stables, views, fabulous gardens and privacy and it even had a heated swimming pool with changing rooms! Blimey, I could never have afforded to buy such a place but the rent was too good to miss, even if I didn’t have the ‘executive’ type furniture to go in it. I so enjoy living there, even if it was only for a couple of years.

      Have some fun, make it your own and furnish it just how you want

    • You are being silly.
      If you love the place then go for it – actually if the fixtures and fittings are good quality then breathe a sigh of relief – you won’t be needing to replace them for ages (if ever).
      It’s not the cost of furniture that’s important – it’s the love and thought behind choosing those pieces that’s important. Everyone has ‘mismatches’, whether they are second-hand ‘done-ups’ or old family pieces. And when you start out with a home then it’s perfectly normal to not have everything just-so – that’s half the fun of building a home over many years.

    • Thankyou everyone.
      We have a slightly unusual set of criteria for the house/flat and not the biggest budget ever given the area we are in. If we could stretch to another £200 a month it would be a lot easier to find something suitable, but we can’t and there has to be a line drawn somewhere, so we are having to look at things a bit differently and work out what we can compromise on.
      The main compromise with this one seems to be the kitchen (I love cooking and baking and this is tiny- but seemingly big enough to put a huge table in which can be the work space so might solve some of the issue)

      I think part of it is knowing there will be inevitable wear and tear – although I am exceptionally clean – and given as we’ll be the first people there I feel a little pressure to keep it immaculate! (I would still keep it immaculate if it was the ex-council 1980s maisonette I looked at last week but that feels less stressful somehow!)

      I am also rubbish at crafty stuff/upcycling etc so if we go for it you can all expect another thread asking for help on how to furnish it!!!

      Excited for viewing now on Wednesday

    • I think there’s a difference between wondering if it’s too good for you (which is rubbish, by the way ) and something which just isn’t going to work for you. A lovely cream carpet in the hall would feel like luxury to me, but it would be completely incompatible with my lifestyle aka im one dirty person.

      Equally, if you want matchy furniture, it’s perfectly possible to do it on the cheap. The house won’t care if your preference is for better quality mismatched stuff, and personally I think that’s something to be proud of!

    • You don’t want things that match too well and make it look like a show room, I would find that uncomfortable. I’m in the process of decorating with a combination of second hand and OHs furniture and my random bits and pieces with a few quality new things to tie it all together and I think that makes it all the more lovely and personal. Also I bet my alcove kitchen it smaller (I also love to cook).