• Pete posted an update 2 years, 3 months ago

    Here in the Uk the government are cracking down on working tax credits.. the Tories excuse for this is because they are wanting to stop people being reliant on benefits.. so they say but the real truth I believe is that the government wants to stifle small businesses and self employed people as much as they can.
    The government aren’t doing anything to help small businesses and self employed people and are actually making things for the big cooperation’s for example in George Osbourne’s last budget he announced that the government would be cutting cooperation tax down to just 17%…. which doesn’t really come to much of a surprise after George Osbourne let off google millions and millions unpaid taxes. Whilst Big cooperation’s get away with avoiding tax… self employed people have to prove that they are making profits and must under go review by a bunch of bureaucrats who will then decide if you deserve tax credits or not! I think that the Tories are absolutely disgraceful how they are treating the self employed in this country and it is all anti competitive because added together the hard working small businesses in this country are the biggest competitor to the big businesses bribing the tory government so making things harder for them will only help the big businesses.

    • George Osbourne when he was in the Bullingdon Club would burn money in front of homeless people.. he is an utter psychopath and should not be in power. The Tories are just trying to beat down the poorest people in the uk so to then exploit them through schemes for example through forcing people out of work (self employed people) to work for free at places (big companies) that the job center tells them to or face losing their benefits and going hungry, or even forcing young people to work for peanuts in pretend useless apprenticeships that do not give them a job at the end of it.