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Best Ipad Pro screen protectors to buy

In this article I will be discussing what are the best screen protectors to buy for the ipad pro 9.7 and 12.5.There are lots of reasons as to why you might want to buy a screen protector for your ipad pro, the biggest obviously is to avoid scratches which can damage your screen and affect its touch screen responsiveness. Scratches are not covered by Apples warranty meaning you will have to foot the bill for replacing your screen and replacing an ipad pro screen can cost a lot of money! that is why it is important to protect your screen from the get go! Protecting your screen is really easy and simple... USE A SCREEN PROTECTOR!

Matte anti glare, clear or Tempered glass screen protectors?
Matt anti glare screen protectors are best in my opinion! If you are using your ipad pro to draw on using the apple pencil then if I was you I would go for the matte anti glare screen protector over the clear or tempered glass screen protectors. This is because matte anti glare screen protectors make drawing on your screen feel as though you are drawing on paper, due to the fact that the matte finished screen protectors have a little bit of a texture to them unlike the clear and tempered glass ones which are ultra smooth and will cause your pencil to slip and slide across the screen. A down side to the Matte screen protectors is that they can dull the screen slightly and because of the texture on them the the apple pencil nib may wear out quicker.moshi-ipad-pro-12-9-inch-screen-protector-whiteThe two screen protector that I have found work the best are the Photodon anti glare screen protector (if you live outside of the US postage can cost an absolute bomb from the photodon website) and the moshi anti glare screen protector for the ipad pro. Both of these screen protectors are really great, These screen protectors are not too thick so they will not create a massive parallax effect and they only slightly dim the screen, plus these protectors are really easy to apply and leave minimal bubbles behind!

What about Tempered glass and clear screen protectors?
If you are not drawing on your screen and just want something that will protect your screen from damage then a tempered glass screen protector maybe a better choice. Tempered glass screen protectors are a little thicker than matte of clear screen ones and may affect the responsiveness of your touch screen however they do protect your screen a lot better from scratches and damage and are great if you are using your iPad pro outside or something! Clear screen protectors will not dim the screen of your ipad unlike the matte anti glare ones however they are very slick and will be annoying to draw on.

-The only draw back of using a screen protector is that they can create an annoying parallax effect.One of the good things about the ipad pro which makes it better than the cintiq tablets is that when drawing with the pencil there is no parallax effect (the gap between the cursor and the pen).... However if you do use a screen protector you will create a small parallax effect (about 0.3mm)! So it is a bit of a trade off between risking scratching your screen or having a parallax but being protected from scratches!

NON DISCLAIMER EVERYTHING I SAY IN THIS ARTICLE IS THE TRUTH AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUST. DONT BE TRICKED BY AMAZON AFFILIATE SCAMMERS.This mini review has been written solely to help people. There are hundreds of spam websites out there that are write disingenuous articles on the internet designed to get people to click their amazon affiliate links. These spammers are not interested in helping you find the bests screen protector for your ipad. I am not affiliated with any of the screen protector companies that I have mentioned above nor will profit in anyway from this article. I'm just writing it to help and to hopefully knock a couple of those spammers off the top spot on google and actually save people the time and frustration of buying a rubbish screen protector.If you have any question or if you have any suggestion of a protector that I have not mentioned then please go ahead and comment below! Thanks.

Donald Trump the conman! Filling His Cabinet With Billionaires!

Donald Trump vowed to drain the swamp that is Washington if he got into power and made out that he would stick up for the hard workingclass people of America and be their voice however by the looks of Donald Trumps latest cabinet appointments he has no plans of doing this. WHATSOEVER!

Donald trump has nominated former Goldman Sachs investment bank executive Steven Mnuchin worth $46billion to be treasury secretary and Wilbur Ross who once worked for Rothschild inc and is worth $2.9 billion as head of the Commerce Department, despite neither of them having any government experience.

The list of the super rich that trump has nominated for his cabinet doesn't end there....Bernie sanders posted graphic of Donald Trumps cabinet and their net worth on twitter:


Itis believed that Donald Trumps cabinet is going to be the richest in history! With these top positions in the government these rich billionaires can easily manipulate the system to boost their own wealth.
For example Donald trump wants to make fracking and oil mogul Harold Hamm (worth$10bn!!!) to be ENERGY secretary which would immensely benefit his company if he was the one making all the rules about energy! By the looks of things Donald Trump played on the peoples emotions and exploited their anger towards the elite to get them to vote for him and now Donald trump is doing the exact opposite of what he promised and he is filling Washington full to the brim of greedy businessmen who will be putting their interests first before the American peoples.

George Soros funding riots?


Tens of thousands of people are taking to the street in protest against Donald Trump becoming the next president of America however are these protests all that they appear to be? It has been revealed that groups funded by George Soros (the guy behind the black lives matter movement) has been funding the riots. There have even been advertisements on craiglists paying people $15-22 an hour to “Fight the trump agenda”. Other evidence that these are protests have been organised is that flyers are being handed out to protestors with instruction on what to do!


Protestors have also vandalized war memorials with racist graffiti saying “Die, whites die!”


So who is George Sorros and why is he doing this?

George Soros is a multi billionaire Jewish man who also is a globalist and wants nothing more to break up America so that rich cooperation's can takeover and exploit the people to the max!
George Soros has pumped millions into Hillarys campaign aswell as tons of lefty groups all that oppose democracy, freed of speech and thought. For example George Sorros has pumped millions into the group Media Matters, a progressive (fascists) media watchdog group that opposes any views that make into onto the mainstream that isn't in line with their own. The whole point of Media matters is to create a media system that is get rid of any voice that opposes the establishment and to engineer people into thinking what the elite want them to think.

But all of that George beloved money has been wasted so there is no doubt that he is feeling extremely butthurt that she lost and these riots are now his attempt to try to push out Donald Trump and to carry on with his agenda.

George Soros maybe Jewish but he gives Jewish people a bad name!

Jewish people have the great privilege and responsibility to help lead the rest of the world and to show people the right way to live however George Soros uses his “Jewish” status not to do good but to simply make businesses connections and to play the anti Semite card when someone opposes him, even though George Soros is the biggest anti Semite around. Soros pumps millions into groups such as the centre of American progress a group headed by John Podesta that blames Jews for terrorists attacks and wants Islam to takeover the world for some odd reason.

If you really want to know what Geroge Soros line of thinking is and what motivates you have to look back at his childhood.

George Soros thinks mass murder or millions of Jewish people is fun

Talking about his childhood working for the Nazis in world war 2 in his fathers autobiography Soros tells how “It is a sacrilegious thing to say, but these ten months [of the Nazi occupation] were the happiest times of my life. . . . We led an adventurous life and we had fun together.” During world war 2 at 14 years old Soros managed to obtain documents to trick the Nazis into thinking that he was a Christian and was given a job to help the SS loot properties owned by jewish people sent to the death camps.

In an interview in 1998 with Steve Kroft on the tv show 60 Minutes Soros also told Kroft that he did not feel guilty about working for the Nazis and explained how his character has been made by the Nazis “I was 14 years old. And I would say that that’s when my character was made”. Soros also went on to justify working for the Nazis by saying “it’s just like in markets—that if I weren’t there—of course, I wasn’t doing it, but some-body else would—would—would be taking it away anyhow. And it was the—whether I was there or not”. As you can see in this interview Soros even at a very young age was extremely greedy and would not stand up for what is right. Soros is a coward and was only ever out for protecting himself.

Brexit not going ahead? Democracy dead?


So it looks as though Brexit might not go ahead and democracy and voting counts for nothing anymore as the supreme court has just ruled that it is not upto the people to have a say in leaving the EU but for Mps and unelected Lords to have the final say as to whether we should stay or leave the EU. This proves that democracy simply doe not exist in our country.. and what the people want the establishment will always find a clever loophole way out of it.

THE Decision made yesterday by the High court will be took to the supreme court and appealed but it look very unlikely that the Supreme court will rule differently because your just asking another bunch of establishment cronies whether they wish to stay in or out of the eu... and it hardly unlikely they will want to leave the eu.

I honestly don't think that parliament will respect the will of the people as the mps and lords will end up voting to stay in the eu because there seems to be more mps wanting to remain I the eu than leave because the entire SNP will vote to stay and most of the labour party will also vote stay.. plus the conservative party is split too on opinion. Furthermore because the House of lords is filed with unelected establishment businessmen I hardly doubt the house of lords will vote to stay in the EU either.. so the peoples votes will be just ignored. THAT'S MODERN DAY DEMOCRACY FOR YA FOLKS! Mps such as Ken Clarke are already saying that they are going to be ignoring the referendum vote and will be voting to stay in the eu when the vote comes. One of the reasons these mps are saying that they are voting to stay in the EU is because they are doing it for the young people because the vast majority of them want to stay in the eu. Which is complete and utter rubbish and a lie because MPS don t know if the majority of young people voted to leave the EU because voting is done anonymously, and in my opinion I don t think young people want to stay in the eu.. because I am a young person and I don t want to stay in the eu because I can see this country getting worse and worse with all the big tax avoiding businesses taking over and all of the immigrants coming here taking our jobs. I don t see the eu as a good thing at all and change is needed!

If MPS do the right thing and dont ignore the peoples vote, Brexit we will still be on the back foot for negotiations eu for trade deal with them because they will already know our plans and strategies because we would have discussed everything in parliament before hand.

Why you shouldn’t vote for Hillary Clinton


Hillary Clinton Capitalizing on peoples suffering

Hillary Clinton is taking us all for fools and her campaign is just based on liberal platitudes and is capitalizing on peoples suffering and emotions to get more votes. Have you noticed that Hillary Clitnon never really speaks about what she is going to do for the American people? nor does she ever discuss her policies? This is simply because Hillary Clinton does not want things to change because she is happy with the way things are even if most people aren't, so don't expect her to change a habit of a lifetime all of a sudden or get tricked into believing any of the meaningless dribble her or her gang says because she ain't going to do anything to change the corrupt system because its making her VERY RICH!!!!

Meaningless dribble with no substance!

All of Hillary Clinton's speeches are full of meaningless political rhetoric... such this line she spouted in her Ohio economic policy speech““I believe in an America always moving toward the future.”... that wasn't actually backed up with anything else and was just pointless.

But it isnt just Hillary Clinton who is pointless....

Last night Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama shared the stage together for the first time... Michelle Obama then began her speech in support of Clinton uttering a load of baseless nonsense and she even used her new catch phrase.. “When they go low, we go high.” Whilst many will see this prosaic statement as admirable and empowering in my opinion it SAYS ALOT of the opposite and is actually mocking the poor.. as well as sums up the Obama/Clinton legacy pretty well.. which aims to make the poor poorer the rich richer! This statement also is an attack on democracy and freedom of speech because whoever disagrees with the democrat liberal is a “deplorable” and the lowest of the low!

Behind the scenes the Hillary Clinton clan is NOT for the people but against them!

In a recent wikileaks email that was sent Wendy Bronfein to John Poesta advising him on how to reach “Fucking dumb young people” in the email she says that Hillary Clinton may not be the best face to attract young voters and says that Hillary Clinton needs to use “trending figures” because “that’s the crap that young people pay attention to”. This is clear evidence that the Hillary Clinton clan does not even RESPECT the electorate and is just using and manipulating them for their votes!

Hillary Clinton isnt going to listen to her voters at all when she gets in power... Obama sure hasnt since he got into power. The only way change would come about with Hillary Clinton in power would be if one her her rich lobbyists wanted something.. and she will then move heaven and earth to make it happen but believe me this change will not be in the peoples best interests but in hers and big businesses!


Is Julian Assange dead?


There has been a rumour going around on the internet that Julian Assange is dead after the wikileaks twitter account posted a series of hash codes many speculated was part of Julian's “Insurance file” that would be released if anything happened to him. In my opinion the fear of Julian Assange being killed is not baseless paranoia but a real fear that the only good guy and source of what the US elite are really doing might have been silenced once and for all.


Julian Assange has definitely ruffled a lot of the establishments feathers and have exposed a lot there corruption any question that the government want to silence him. Julian Assange already cannot leave the Ecuadoran embassy and has been practically imprisoned there since 2012 unable to leave the embassy without getting arrested and extraditing to Sweden over alleged rape charges (despite there being no evidence and already questioned by Swedish police and released without charge at the time) and then once in Sweden he would most likely be sent off to America to never be seen again.

It was revealed only a couple of weeks ago that in a meeting Hilary Clinton joked about “Droning” Julian Assange.

The chairman of Hillary Clintons 2016 presidential campaign John Podesta even mocks Julian and wikileaks on twitter... but just comes across as a gluttonous greedy elitist pigs.


Roger Stone (former advisor for Donald trump) has tweeted that John Kerry has threatened the Ecuadorian President with grave consequences if Julain is not silenced and that the Embassy has been stormed by police.


All of thi si evidence that the US government has a lot to hide and is trying their hardest to make sure the truth is not exposed!

However wikileaks twitter feed has confirmed that Julian Assange is not dead but has had his internet disabled by a state party, presumably the US who are doing everything they can to discredit and to put a stop to Julian Assange's emails leaks that he has been released on Wikileaks about how corrupt the political system, Hilary Clinton and main stream media is.


R.I.P tHE lABOUR party


At this years labour conference being held in Liverpool Jeremy Corbyn has said that the labour party represents 21st century socialism, in other words the labour party does not represent the working class people that helped create the party. In my opinion the labour party has become a party that disproportionately over-represent a few “trendy” liberal minorities and alienates and ostracises everyone else based on your gender, or if you are straight, what your religion is or your race. There is simply nothing socialist about Jeremy Corby and co who seem to think that politics is a game of top trumps and certain minorities trump other groups of people. For example Jeremy Corbyn is always surrounded by feminists even though we are living in the 21st century and there is no longer any inequality between genders in the UK however these men hating women do not want equality but want to be more superior to men.

The fact is that the labour party does not stand for the working classes of this country any more but for a select few “trendy” minorities instead and it is making the labour party very unappealing to the vast majority of voters.

No hope?

The rebels of the labour party opposing Jeremy Corbyn are no better either as they are obsessed with Tony Blair and think that the people of this country would vote for the labour party if the party was more Blairite.....but greedy, war lord Tony Blair is the last person anyone ever wants to see in charge ever again!


Owen Smith who tried to take on Corbyn is a prime example of how deluded the labour party is... by telling people that he would hold another EU referendum and would not respect the peoples decision to leave the EU if he was in power... this shows that labour party does not respect the decisions of the working class who overwhelmingly voted to leave the EU. Jeremy Corbyn ain't respecting the vote to leave the eu by saying in his conference speech that if he got in power that he would not have immigration limits and that immigrant numbers are not the problem but exploitive employees instead. However a big reason why people voted to leave the EU was because they saw the mass immigration from the eu taking away their jobs, and destroying British culture. The labour party is so self absorbed and and simply does not understand what the people of this country wants and instead wants to convince people what they should want instead! The vote to leave was a vote against globalization but neither the labour party or the Tories get this at all and seem to want to create a new relationship with the EU and want to create even worse trade deals with US... IGNORING WHAT THE POPEL OF THIS COUNTRY REALLY WANT AND THAT IS CHANGE!

At the moment because the labour party is so unelectable and divided I do not see the tories ever getting kicked out.. meaning we are more or less a one party country and the plutocrat tories can keep on destroying our country.. propping up big buisnesses who pay them and killing of small businesses

jobcentre plus is evil

The labour party created the job centre and the Tories perfected it! Here In the uk if you are a young person who has just left school and you don't have a job then the government will do all it can to try to exploit you. If you go to the job centre don't expect any help whatsoever in actually finding a job.. the government have set up the job centre at great expense I might add to try and to force the unemployed into working for less than minimum wage for big companies such as amazon, tesco or who ever else is paying off our plutocratic government.

Not only will you be paid less than minimum wage you will also be paid in universal credits (WOW THE UK IS MEANT TO BE A DEMOCRATC COUNTRY NOT COMMUNIST CHINA!), These universal credits can only be spent in certain BIG BUINSESSES like supermarkets and buddies of the Tory party.

The job centre actually costs the tax payer more to run than its does to actually pay the unemployed their measly £50 a week! The unemployment figure according to the governments website costs £3bn a year however this figure is very misleading on the governments websites as this is not the the amount paid out to the unemployed but the total cost including the cost of running the job centre and paying the VERY WELL PAID STAFF (some job centres can cost up to £15 million a lone just to run!)!

If you refuse to be exploited to work for free then the job centres will stop your benefits... Does the job centre expect you to live off fresh air? Or turn to crime? The media and our government lie to us when they say that unemployment is going down..

The government is trying too fool us all and is cooking the books as unemployment is NOT going down.... the job centre is simply kicking more and more people off job seekers allowance either because people are refusing to work for free or for some other bureaucratic nonsense reason!

Job centre staff are told to be as nasty and inhuman as possible to force people into doing their bidding or else! A former job centre employ told the guardian newspaper back in 2015 that she got brownie points for threatening people who were in hospital with sanctions and to be as cruel as possible to other human beings.


Not only does the work programme actually take away from the job market by providing big businesses free labour but its also harms other smaller businesses because the government is giving these big companies who participate in the work programme an unfair competitive advantage... as obviously other smaller businesses do not have a endlessly supply of free workers at their disposal now do they?

The truth is the government does not care about the most vulnerable in our society nor do they care about small businesses either. The government is instead doing everything in its power to destroy small businesses and force people into unemployment to fuel the work programme whilst giving big companies tax breaks and hand outs.
The way things are going and the sheer number of small businesses that are going under thanks to our plutocrat government means that it isn't too far fetched to imagine in a couple years time unemployment sky rocketing and the vast majority of us unemployed and working for free at some big US company.

US supports isis!

The us have “accidentally” killed more than 60 Syrian soldiers and injured several others. Despite Syria keeping to the recent ceasefire agreement.. the US uses it to kill and to give ISIS a boost!

The so called anti jihadist coalition bombed the Syrian soldiers in the Deir Ezzor air base after they were surrounded by ISS fighters allowing ISS fighters to take the area.

The Syrian army have since released a statement saying ““This is a dangerous and bold attack against the Syrian state and army, and clear evidence that the United States and its allies support the terrorist group Daesh,”

The US however are unapologetic over their actions. The US ambassador to the United Nations, Samantha Power said "Russia really needs to stop the cheap point scoring and the grandstanding,"! In my opinion this brutal and inhuman rhetoric mirrors that of ISS.

Who side is US really on?

The US had intelligence in 2012 that a terrorist group like ISIS could emerge in Syria and take over and knew full well what would happen and how many innocent people would die but instead of wanting to stop this from happening It has been exposed earlier this year that the Obama regime supported the idea of a terrorist organization like Isis to emerge in Syria to get rid of president Assad.. and if Obama had his way things would be even worse now as if you remember back in 2012 when David Cameron and Obama wanted to supply Syrian rebels with weapons?

Even vice President Joe Biden has admitted that there was never any moderate rebel collation groups in Syria which means president Obama is just simply supporting terrorists!

There was nothing democratic about the uprising in Syria and wasn't caused by the Syrian people but the world elite who wish to mold this world the way they want it no matter the human cost. The Syrian National Council who started the uprising in Syria is and never has been a moderate group and has links with both US elite and extremist Muslim groups such as the Muslim brotherhood.

Bassma Kodmani one of the top leaders of the Syrian National Council (SNC) who led the Syrian uprising in 2012 has ties with the worlds elite.. and regularly attends the secretive Bilderberg group. Bassma Kodmani has also worked for the Council on Foreign Relations a controversial group set up by the elite with the goal of a one world state!

Why you shouldn’t shop at amazon!


Boycott Amazon before it is too late!

Profits come well before morals at Amazon for example Amazon sells the how-to book, “The Pedophile’s Guide to Love and Pleasure”.. evidence enough that amazon is ran by some twisted sickos but if that wasn't enough to convince you to boycott amazon for good then read on as I tell you what other disgusting things amazon does that affects YOU as Amazon grows into a bigger and bigger monster!

Amazon is ran by the greediest man on earth Jeff Bezos!

I just cannot even fathom the colossal greed of Amazons CEO Jeff Bezos.

Not only is Jeff Bezos not happy with being the third richest person in the world earning billions each year he still wants more.. more more! Jeff Bezos will stop at nothing to get what he wants.

“Sadistic” sale techniques are often used to squeeze as much profit as possible from third party Sellers on Amazon.

According to Brad Stone's book “the everything store” Jeff Bezos once said “Amazon should approach small book publishers the way a cheetah would pursue a sickly gazelle.” The book also mentioned how Amazon executives get a sadistic kick out of squeezing every last penny out of small book publishers and if would screw with book publishers performance.

Amazon isn't just f'ing up book publishers... Amazon is screwing ever niche. Many sellers simply do not have a choice but to sell on Amazon seeing as the only results nowadays you get when searching for products on Google who have a search engine market share of 80% is Amazon (two super internet giants conspiring with each other to screw over everyone else.).

Another amazon sale tactic is that Amazon will often sell items for a loss rather than let someone else have a piece of the pie  and then increase the price later on once all the competition has been eliminated.

The fact of the matter is that Amazon wants to monopolize everything so that you cannot buy or sell anything without having the Amazon mark...Amazon uses its profits and the money its saved through not paying taxes to further expand its aggressive monopoly and kill off small businesses.

No competition= consumers pay more!

If you are a consumer and simply do not care about Sellers on amazon then think for a second about this, Amazon takes a huge 40% commission on all third party sales made through amazon... IF AMAZON DID NOT EXIST YOU WOULD BE ABLE TO BUY THESE ITMES 40% LESS!!!!

Even offline you soon will not be able to avoid Amazon as this greedy bully plans to create 100 pop stores in US malls very soon and will probably do the same in other countries very soon.

Despite having more money than he can ever spend good old Jeffy boy doesn't want Amazon to pay its fair share of tax. Despite public anger Amazon continues year after year to avoid paying its fair share of cooperation tax across the world by only paying a pittance of what it really should be paying. So not only does Amazon destroy your business but Amazon will not even pay taxes needed for healthcare, schools and other vital services. What is more in 2012 amazon paid just £2.4 million in cooperation tax and received £2.5 million government handouts over that same period!

Think about jobs!

Amazon doesn't just exploit the tax system it also exploits its own workers.

Amazon is always being condemned about its brutal treatment of its workers. In germany Amazon desnt even pay its workers, instead it exploits the unemployed by teaming up with the job center forcing them to work in their hell hole warehouses or else if they refuse then the job center will stop their state benefits. Here in the UK many unemployed maybe also forced into the “work programme” and are being forced to work themselves to the bone in big businesses like amazon just to get their unemployment benefits!

The way thing are heading and how amazon is destroying more and more small businesses through their aggressive monopoly it isnt that far fetched to think that in a couple of years time that we will al be working for amazon in on of their crappy warehouses working for free... just how jeff bezos likes it!

This is why I think that you should avoid Amazon at all costs!