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You gotta be kidding me! ADBLOCK PLUS IS NOT GOING TO BLOCK ADS BUT INSTEAD REPLACE THEM WITH ITS OWN! I think its time for a boycott!

Adblock plus has over 20 million users on firefox and 10 million on chrome and with these stats the people over at adblock plus have seen dollar signs lots and lots of dollar signs!

Already for 5 years users of adblocker plus have had to put up with “acceptable ads” which are basically ads that adblocker plus gets paid millions of dollars NOT to block, however this isnt enough for them, now greedy ABP is taking it one step further and is going to stop blocking ads and will start replacing ads on websites with ads that adblock plus get paid for instead (making it kind of defunct as an adblocker if you think about it)!

When you install an adblocker you expect it to block all ads what you do not expect is that the ads will simply be replaced with more ads slowing down you computer even more... what really is the point of this thing now then if it doesnt block ads?
What is quite clear is adblocker plus is stealing ad revenue from website publishers and putting this money into theirs and their advertisement partners pockets instead which just inst right!

By the looks of the sudden influx of negative reviews on both the Firefox and Chrome download pages for ABP a lot of people aren't happy about these changes and are uninstalling it and installing Ublock origin in its place. WUPS! ABP you have really messed up with this one!

This could in effect confuse users into thinking that what they are seeing are not ads but genuine content after all you do have an “adblocker” installed.

Hilary Clinton has Pneumonia!


After a sudden departure from a 9/11 memorial service and her stumbling
into a car it has been revealed that Hilary Clinton is suffering from

I actually do feel sorry for her as no one deserves to get Pneumonia, thankfully Dr.Lisa R. Bardack who is treating Hilary Clinton has said that she is suffering from Pneumonia but she is recovering “nicely”

This comes after growing concern about Hilary Clinton's health and over weird stuff like Hilary Clinton spitting green stuff into her drink during a speech and eating it!



Despite suffering from Pneumonia Hilary Clinton still managed to find the
strength to insult 50% of Donald Trump supporters by branding them as
“deplorables”. Hilary Clinton later had to say sorry for saying
this.. but nonetheless even if you do not like Donald trump her
comments directly aimed at those who aren't voting for her shows us
her disdain towards democracy and all that oppose her and her views
(or those who are not paying her).

Now the only question remains.. is she going to drop out and disappoint all the big businesses that have paid her all that money or will she soldier on?!

Lenovo computers are rubbish!

If you are thinking about getting a new computer then for the sake of your own sanity I suggest you avoid Lenovo computers at all costs! I bought a new Lenovo computer a few months ago and I really wish I hadn't!

I decided to buy a new computer because my old one was getting on a bit and was showing its age, it was an 8 year old acer desktop that was filled to the brim with junk and even though I could just have done a system restore to wipe all the junk and speed things up I reckoned that I ought to just go ahead and buy myself a new faster computer. After looking online I managed to find a deal on ebuyer for a cheap lenovo desktop... that was on sale for £220 and stupidly I decided to buy it just based on that without even looking at the specs. DOH!

I have now been using this new computer for a few months and can quite honestly say that my 8YEAR OLD one performed miles better than this piece of junk. From the moment I turned it on I just knew it was slow because it was lagging straight away... the CPU was at 100%! Honestly what sort of junk starts to glitch and and lag as soon as you turn it on? After a week I started to get more serious problems with the computer such as the blue screen of death that kept on appearing over and over again for no reason. To combat these blue screen of death you have to do a total system restore.. (in the couple months that I have had this computer I have probably done at least 5 total system restores to stop these blue screens of death from happening).

I then decided enough was enough and got in touch with ebuyer customer service to see if I could get a refund... and because ebuyer are just scammers they refused to take my word for it that the computer was not fit for purpose and said that the only way I could get a refund would be if I got in touch with lenovo support and got them to confirm that there was indeed a fault with my computer. Guess what? I got in touch with their support and the support guys must have some mystical powers or something because they were able to tell me over the phone without even checking out my computer that it did not have a fault. Wow! This meant that I was stuck with the hunk of junk and I have been going insane with frustration at using this terrible computer ever since.

Lenovo just packs it computer full of junk and cheap parts... My old 8 year computer could play games much better than this "new" lenovo computer because in my old computer  It had a nvidia graphics card. Whilst this lenovo one has an intel hd graphics card that struggles with the fire effect in empire earth a game that is at least 12 years old!

Not only does Lenovo make rubbish computers they also have the cheek add loads of bloat/adware such as snapfish to your computer so that that they can exploit you and make more money out of you. Snapfish along with other viruses they put on on your computer injects and display dodgy ads onto webpages and search results you visit... more often than not the ads snapfish display are quite dodgy and will either give a virus or are phishing scams.

So it is safe to stay then that if you are wanting a fast, reliable and a all round decent computer that aint going to send you round the bend then avoid Lenovo at all costs.

If you have been scammed comment below to share your story. Also share this post as much as you can, this will help to boost this post higher up in the search engine..lets see if we can get this post to rank for Lenovo that will show em!

Bully boy Obama doin it fo da big business G!


Bully boy Obama has been on a roll recently. He really does have a talent at being an arse.

In recent comments he has backed up his earlier comments this year warning the British people that leaving the EU would be bad which was really just Obama essentially telling the British people how to vote in the EU referendum. said that if Britain wants to sustain its special relationship with the EU then “fresh action” will be required, in other words we will need to give America something in return like letting big US cooperation's continue to exploit our economy and not pay any tax.

I believe that the Tories are already planning on giving America what they want as Downing street has already said apple who have been penalized by the EU recently for not paying their fair share of tax is “Welcome” in Britain... is this a hint that maybe our government is planning on cutting cooperation tax for the big tax avoiders to attract them to this country?

In my opinion I think that if this is what the Tories are planning then it goes against exactly why the majority of ordinary people voted to leave the EU... to put an end to globalization and big companies coming here and taking us all for a ride. Our government Tory government will never ever The fact of the matter is our government is not about serving the people but serving the big international companies that give the tories lobby money and high paying jobs for after they leave politics.

This is our democracy and we should not be told what to do by other peoples presidents or big businesses.

Obama isn't just telling us Brits what we can and cannot do he has also condemned what the Philippines president Rodrigo Duterte is doing in his country about the Philippines drug problem even though the Philippines people democratically voted in the president to sort it out exactly how he is. Is Obama saying that the Philippines president should just ignore what the Philippines people want?

Not only has Obama annoyed us Brits and the Philippines people but he has also provocatively stared down Putin at the G20 summit for no apparent reason apart from to cause tension between Russia and the United States.

We should take a leaf from Rodrigo Duterte the president of the Philippines call president Obama a “son of a bitch” and slam the door on the US once and for all.