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Bully boy Obama doin it fo da big business G!


Bully boy Obama has been on a roll recently. He really does have a talent at being an arse.

In recent comments he has backed up his earlier comments this year warning the British people that leaving the EU would be bad which was really just Obama essentially telling the British people how to vote in the EU referendum. said that if Britain wants to sustain its special relationship with the EU then “fresh action” will be required, in other words we will need to give America something in return like letting big US cooperation's continue to exploit our economy and not pay any tax.

I believe that the Tories are already planning on giving America what they want as Downing street has already said apple who have been penalized by the EU recently for not paying their fair share of tax is “Welcome” in Britain... is this a hint that maybe our government is planning on cutting cooperation tax for the big tax avoiders to attract them to this country?

In my opinion I think that if this is what the Tories are planning then it goes against exactly why the majority of ordinary people voted to leave the EU... to put an end to globalization and big companies coming here and taking us all for a ride. Our government Tory government will never ever The fact of the matter is our government is not about serving the people but serving the big international companies that give the tories lobby money and high paying jobs for after they leave politics.

This is our democracy and we should not be told what to do by other peoples presidents or big businesses.

Obama isn't just telling us Brits what we can and cannot do he has also condemned what the Philippines president Rodrigo Duterte is doing in his country about the Philippines drug problem even though the Philippines people democratically voted in the president to sort it out exactly how he is. Is Obama saying that the Philippines president should just ignore what the Philippines people want?

Not only has Obama annoyed us Brits and the Philippines people but he has also provocatively stared down Putin at the G20 summit for no apparent reason apart from to cause tension between Russia and the United States.

We should take a leaf from Rodrigo Duterte the president of the Philippines call president Obama a “son of a bitch” and slam the door on the US once and for all.