• Sara J posted an update 6 months ago

    I was shopping in my favourite town when I entered an interesting looking shop.
    There were books about all sorts of Magic and spell casting.
    Lots of very macabre items, potions, herbs etc.
    I must say it was very tempting to buy something.
    Has anyone dabbled?
    Ever felt hexed?
    Is it dangerous do you think or a bit of harmless fun?

    • I used to work with a lady who kept very quiet about being a witch. We were working alone one day when the other staff hadn’t turned in and the subject came up. She seemed very knowledgeable but warned me its not the sort of thing to mess around with. She knew how to cast spells and had taken part in witches sabbots.

      I once read a really good book about a town in America where angels and demons were fighting over the inhabitants of the town. The angels could see the demons clinging to the bodies of the people they were possessing and how it was affecting the daily life of the person, illness, loss of confidence, lust., vanity etc dependant on which type of demon had taken over that person.
      I wonder sometimes if that’s what got hold of me and I need an angels magic to get the demon off my back.

    • I read the Tarot cards, never been wrong.
      Does that count?

      • Yes it does Sweetie, you must have the gift.

        I sometimes think I have a curse on me MC.
        Something very odd happened when I lived in Africa involving a zebra’s head (without it’s body) I think some bad muti took place that affected my life.
        Anyway, I wish sometimes I could cast spells but I don’t think bad ones are allowed!