• snowy posted an update 5 months, 1 week ago

    I’m a fizzy drink addict. There, I’ve said it. I am addicted to Diet Coke/Pepsi and have a big glassful nearly every day. I know it’s not healthy but it’s my one weakness, ha ha.

    My husband wants to buy me a Soda Stream. They seem so ‘retro’ because I think I can remember them vaguely from childhood but we never owned one and all I drank in those days was water because I didn’t like fizzy drinks or juice. Wish I still felt that way I can’t drink highly carbonated drinks so OH thinks that making my own would be better as it appears that you can adjust the level of gas that you add.

    Any advice please and also which model to buy as there are several to choose from?

    • We have one somewhere, used to use it to make fizzy water. The coke tastealike is an acquired taste. In your position Id buy cheap supermarket versions in those huge bottles if I wasn’t concerned about going a bit flat.

      • Thank you I was going to use the genuine post mix syrup that you can buy in a ‘bag in a box’ form online as I’m not keen on the supermarket versions, especially Waitrose, which is vile

        • Ahh, that’s news to me. Might have to google that. Soda Stream fizzy water was cheaper than bottled when I was doing it and it saved having to lug heavy bottles home from the supermarket. It gets round the plastic bottle issue too.
          * disappears off to find the machine*

    • Our neighbors had one in the 60s and we were very envious. Then my dad got one for his G&Ts and whisky and soda, and I was allowed the cola mixer. I have no desire to get another.

    • We have one 🙂 OH likes fizzy water and he says its fab for that using our tap water at home. also occasionally used for emergency tonic! not sure what model it is, will look when I get home-no doubt he researched the backside out of it.

    • I was recently thinking of getting one as I buy a lot of fizzy water. But they are so expensive and you have to buy their gas refills. Sort of went off the idea.

    • My son gave me one a few years ago to make soda water as I was mixing it with squash and fruit juice a lot, it worked really well and I still use it occasionally but I never bought the flavoured syrups for it so can’t comment on them.

    • I love mine, use it everyday to make fizzy water which I then add to normal squash. One gas canister lasts my 6 months which works out far cheaper than buying fizzy water plus it’s less plastic! Only thing I’d say is don’t put the bottles in the dishwasher! When they say on the label cool wash only they mean it lol

      mine is 3 or 4 years old now and has survived 3 house moves and still going strong, not bad for £40!

    • Got mine from Argos, have a continuous supply of fizzy water in the fridge, sometimes dilute down fruit juice with it but mostly ice and lemon.

      On occasion whilst a student made fake champagne…………..one bottle of dry wine in soda stream bottle just add fizz

    • Thanks everyone I’ll definitely be buying the original Diet Coke syrup as I’m not keen on the supermarket versions as I said previously. What I really want to be able to do is make a glass of Coke every day that’s not too fizzy. I can’t drink it from a can as it’s much too gassy and I have to leave bottles open for a while before I can drink them so the post mix ones are always better for my taste.

    • I have a Source in black and it’s brilliant. It looks smart on the surface and is very straight forward. I don’t use it daily but it’s nice for a change and I like being able to offer people another choice of drink as we don’t have much (water or tea really!)

      I mainly wanted to reduce my plastic waste too which it has done hugely!!

    • I bought a soda stream last year for fizzy water and fizzing up cheap wine – it does not work with wine. 🙄

      I am also a Diet Coke addict and genuinely have never thought of using the soda stream for that. I go through a lot of gas canisters with my two bottles of fizzy water a day habit so can’t imagine there are large economies of scale to be gained by using it for my coke habit as well. I suppose it would be more eco friendly…

      • It does say not to fizz up anything other than water so naughty katie 😉

        I really want to try it in case I can make Diet Coke a bit less fizzy but I also like the eco element I have to admit.

        I’m glad I’m not the only self-confessed Diet Coke Head by the way

        p.s. I’ve just ordered the Fizzi Soda Stream and a big box of Diet Coke syrup so I hope I like it as it was quite expensive.

    • I wonder if those of you who drink a lot of Coke have ever dropped a coin into a glass of coke and left it for a short time, or used Coke to clean your lavatories. Just think, if it has that effect on metal/porcelain, what kind of effect will it have on your internal organs!

      • Yes, but I’m a hopeless addict 🙁

      • As a species we do all sorts of destructive things to our bodies – when I was a smoker I was incredibly aware of how dangerous it was as a habit not just to me, but addictions and habits are things that are very difficult to curb. The soda stream was something I purchased to try and curtail my Diet Coke intake and it’s worked to a degree as I’m drinking a lot less coke.

        We know what causes obesity, the diets that nurture our bodies and the substances that are incredibly damaging and yet in this country alone obesity is a huge issue, so is substance abuse, alcohol abuse and the market for Diet Coke.

      • I know I should be ashamed of myself for drinking Diet Coke and that I should probably be even more ashamed for admitting to it publicly. Is this possibly the last remaining taboo in our society?

        However, in my defence I should probably say that I’m a lifelong non smoker, tee total, don’t use recreational drugs or engage in risky sexual activities. I don’t drive dangerously, drink coffee (although that’s now good for you), eat red meat more than once a month or live on a diet of junk foods. I am a stranger to violence and would go to extreme lengths never to drop even a tiny piece of litter. Weighing it all up I have decided that life is too short to abjure all pleasures and will stick to one glass of Diet Coke per day and take the risk that comes with it

        If I do decide to enter some sort of Twelve Step programme in the future I shall let you all know, ha ha.

    • My parents had a Sodastream when I was a kid.

      I remember fizzing up a small bottle of tapwater, then putting a spoonful of concentrate into a glass, then pouring the now fizzy water into the glass… Invariably the concentrate would be used up and the sodastream would sit idle for months at a time. Then it would be that the last charge of gas would run out…

      Nowadays, I buy a bottles of Pulco concentrate (Lemon, Lime, Lime and Mint, Blood Orange) that I dilute one part of Pulco to about eight parts of fizzy bottled water.

      But your thread has got me thinking that I might be able to use my Isi Gourmet Whip to make fizzy drinks… Hmm… I used it to make frozen margarita mousse one summer… It’s not really intended for making soda water (there’s a specific product for that), but it might work for making drinks slightly less fizzy than canned pop.

    • My friend has one. We were at her house the other night and we drank fizzy water all night just because we could! I now want one.

      I too drink more Diet Coke than I should and feel the same as you. It’s my only vice really so I can live with it. I drink occasionally but very little in reality and don’t do any of the other things you mention.