Selfish Royal Mail announce more strike action!

royal mail sucks

Royal mail workers deserve to lose their jobs as far as I am concerned. The entitled nit wits at royal mail are striking again this week. This is just one of the 19 days of strike action that they have planned for the coming weeks ahead. All that this strike action is going to do is disrupt and harm the small businesses that keep royal mail afloat.

Enough is enough for me. I will be switching to a better delivery service. As I am sick of royal mail and their shoddy service. As write this post royal mail have yet AGAIN failed to show up to collect my parcels… and it isn’t even a strike day that’s on Thursday! I have lost count of the number of times that royal mail workers have been no shows this year and it is costing me customers as a result!

What also really grinds my gears is the fact is the fines that royal mail hands out. Rather than post my deliveries on time royal mail pen pushing idiots spend their time handing out fines if they believe your large letter isn’t a large letter but a parcel. Such fines have cost me hundreds of pounds so far and eats away at my profit margins. Royal mail will often fine me for items I know are smaller than a parcel because I have measured them, and they fall for below the threshold for even a large letter let alone a parcel. However, this doe does not stop royal mail from bumping up its profits and fining you… and you cannot even appeal! Royal mail is expensive, does not collect or deliver your items on time and fines you left right and centre… and now these latest strikes really does take the biscuit.

I really do hope that royal mail goes under and all these $@!£$” at royal mail lose their jobs. I will be pretty annoyed if they do get a pay rise because they sur don’t deserve one. All giving them a pay rise will do is encourage them to do more strikes in the future… push up delivery fees and increase the UKS inflammation problem.

I propose any small businesses owner who uses royal mail to deliver their items stop using them ASAP. If you have had a similar experience with royal mail or annoyed by their communist strike action and want to vent, please feel free to comment below.


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Written by James

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