Best Raynaud’s gloves to keep your hands warm this winter

How to stay warm this winter during the cost of living crisis

I earn minimum wage so I’m really feeling the pinch at the moment with heating bills this winter being so ridiculously high… Iv been layering up the best I can but when you have Raynaud’s disease keeping your hands warm is easier said than done.

If you have Raynaud’s disease like me you might be suffering ALOT with your hands at the moment… especially with the cost of living crisis biting and making it harder to just turn up the heating for quick relief. Wearing gloves can be a heck of a lot cheaper than turning up your heating up. In this article I will be listing a few different gloves that can help ease and prevent episodes from occurring. Whilst no pair of gloves can totally prevent or cure episodes they can make all the difference but you need to be aware of the scams lurking on the internet.

Watch out for scam “Silver gloves”

First I should mention that there are lots of different Raynaud’s disease gloves that you can buy and I have tried most of them. Some are better than other and others are just complete rip offs. For example there are expensive “silver” Raynaud’s disease gloves that you can buy online from a site called “RaynaudsDisease” (Oh, what a great original brand name they’ve got there 🙄). I would avoid these gloves at all costs. Not only are they a rip off price costing £29.99 the gloves don’t even work. They did not give my hands any compression and the “silver” did nothing at all and in my honest opinion is just a fake marketing gimmick to get you to buy and don’t think that the “silver” threads that are supposed to be in these gloves are anything other than little bits of tin foil sewn into the gloves which will not do anything at all.. you are better of putting your hands in crisp packets to keep your hands warm than you are wearing these rubbish gloves. It really does annoy me that these scam websites are taking advantage of often elderly and vulnerable people who are suffering from this sometime deliberating condition. We are currently seeing a a cost of living crisis where money is tight and many cannot afford to keep their heating on and keep warm but these scammers are trying to still rip people off like this. YUK!

To help you avoid the scams and fake Chinese tat I have created this quick list of the best gloves to buy to help you guys out. All of the gloves listed I have personally tried and will hopefully keep your hands warm and blood flowing to them to stop episodes and lessen your symptoms as well.

1. Full Length Raynaud’s Compression gloves From NuovaHealth

Raynaud’s disease is caused when you get periodic episodes that cause your blood vessels to go into vasospasm which narrows them and cuts blood flow off to your hands and fingers. This can cause them to turn white, go numb stiff, cold and painful. Its not a very nice condition to have even if it is not life threatening. Compression really helps to stimulate your blood vessels and keep them expanded and blood flowing through them.

First on my list are these Compression gloves from Nuova health which I believe are the best compression gloves you can buy. Although they do not stop your Raynaud’s disease episodes completely wearing them really does help to ease my symptoms and stop my fingers hurting as much. What I really like about these gloves is that they are not bulky to wear and are very lightweight meaning you can wear them underneath your thermal gloves for when you outside in the nasty cold. These gloves only cost £10.99 and actually work unlike the other scams out there.

2. Fingerless Raynaud’s compression gloves From NuovaHealth

These gloves are just like the ones listed above with all the features, except they are fingerless. This means they do not cover or stimulate the blood vessels in your fingertips but do give you better grip and easier to do fiddly tasks with such as counting money and using touch screen devices.

3. Thermal sports gloves from RevitaFit

Next on my list are these Thermal gloves which make an excellent combo with the compression gloves that I just mentioned above. They really do a great job at trapping heat in keeping your hands warm when blood flow is cut off when an episode strikes. What is more is that these gloves only cost £11.99 which is a lot more affordable than other more professional ski gloves that I have worn in the past. They also have touch screen enabled index fingers and thumbs which means you can use your smartphone without having to take off the gloves.. which is great if you have Raynaud’s disease because episodes are often triggered by sudden decreases in temperature often caused for me at least when taking off my gloves just to check and use my phone.

4. Cotton compression gloves with grips from YourPhysioSupplies

These Compression gloves give quite a lot more compression than the other gloves listed above… a little bit too much for me but for others who need it these gloves will provide it in abundance. They are made from soft cotton fabric and available in a range of different sizes so will fit men, women and children no problem. I really like the grips on these gloves they are made from silicone and you barely have to grip and object for it to stick to your hands.. its pretty cool! These gloves are also lightweight and easy to wear underneath other thermal gloves to keep your hands warm and compressed.

5. Men’s Thermal Raynaud’s Disease Gloves from NuovaHealth

If it is really cold outside I like to wear these gloves however they do restrict your hand movement more than the other thermal gloves listed above so I don’t wear these gloves all the time… but they do keep your hands really toasty even if during sub-zero temperatures. They feature multiple layers of insulation which trap as much heat in as possible and are also extremely comfortable to wear because they have a fleece inner lining. Just like the other thermal gloves these ones also have touch screen fingers allowing you to conveniently use your touch screen devices without taking the gloves off. I really love these gloves but don’t expect to be able to move your fingers or do fiddly tasks with them on.

6. Magnetic therapy gloves from NuovaHealth

Although I have not personally used these gloves they do look good and I am thinking about buying a pair for next winter. I have used magnetic back support in the past an magnetic therapy does help to warm up your body. if the same principal is being used to heat up your hands I can see how these gloves can really help with Raynaud’s. The compression that these gloves provide will also help stimulate blood flow as well so these are definitely worth checking out.

If you have any questions about Raynaud’s or still unsure what to buy then make sure to comment below and I will try my best to help you out.


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Written by James

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  1. Silver gloves are not made out of silver at all if they were they would be terribly expensive and only rappers would wear them. They are a con and will not insulate your hands or fingers you can buy £1 gloves from the market which will be better.

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