Best treatment for Headaches?

I’ve been suffering really badly with a severe headache behind my right eye. It’s near the corner of my eye, in a bit and then a little way up towards my eyebrow. I always get headaches behind my eyes and have done for over 20 years, but this one is like the gift that keeps giving! It’s making me vomit at times (this is normal for me) and although high strength painkillers like zapain will get rid of it for an hour, it then comes back worse. I have had a bad cold and I have noticed my right cheek bone hurts to press so I thought it could be sinus related but decongestants don’t seem to be helping.I was in bed at 8 last night with it, managed to eventually fall asleep then woke at midnight sick and in pain. Then the same again at 4am when I succumbed and took 2 syndol. It eased off after about an hour and I fell asleep until my alarm went off but once up and about, it came back. Any ideas? Or recommended drugs? Reluctant to go to the doctor as it seems wrong to go about what is essentially a headache!

What do you think?


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